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Which one of the following is not...,
Interpret the serology hbsag tota...,
Which cells of the antrum can be ...
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Clinical Medicine
Fluid wave is highly indicative o...,
How do you test for murphys sign ...,
18  cards
Other Non-Science
___ of liver cirrhosis is caused ...,
Which pathogen is the most common...,
___ of deaths from diarrhea occur...
32  cards
Anatomy (A few practice questions, not comprehensive)
What is the indicated structure,
What ligament divides the left la...,
List the major branches of the su...
25  cards
127b - Abdominal Wall and Inguinal Hernia
The aponeurosis of the external o...,
What is the course of an indirect...,
The layer of the body wall contri...
24  cards
128b - GI Development and Organization
Which embryologic structure persi...,
What is a primarily retroperitone...,
In whihc part of the small intest...
24  cards
129b - Structure of the Abdomen
Inferior view of the liver which ...,
Which artery might be compressed ...,
Dorsal or ventral pancreatic bud
49  cards
130b/131b - Salivary Gland, Stomach, Pancreas Secretion
List 3 mechanism that prevent the...,
What is the most powerful stimula...,
How does the composition of pancr...
18  cards
132b - Histology of the GI System
Which parts of the gi tract conta...,
Where in the gi tract is this,
Which part of the stomach stains ...
24  cards
133b - Water and Electrolyte Absorption
Which transporter do we use to ab...,
Why does gatorade hydrate you mor...,
Which protein drives water absorp...
9  cards
134b - GI Motility
Which cells are the electrical pa...,
A patient suffers a spinal cord i...,
A region of the intestine contrac...
11  cards
135b/137b - Pathology and Clinical Features of Esophageal Disorders
List the histological changes see...,
What defines barretts esophagus,
What abnormality is pictured here...
26  cards
136b - Disorders of GI Motility
A patient presents with progressi...,
Describe the pathogenesis of syst...,
How is chronic intestinal pseudo ...
16  cards
138b/139b - Pathology of Gastric Disorders, PUD, H. Pylori
Do benign gastric ulcers occur in...,
Which stimulants of parietal cell...,
Which part of the stomach is affe...
44  cards
140b - Pathology of Small Intestine Disorders
This biopsy,
What cutaneous finding is associa...,
Where in the gi tract is this
16  cards
141b - Mucosal Immunology
Where in the gi tract are paneth ...,
What role do epithelial cells pal...,
Each of the following mechanisms ...
14  cards
142b - Clinical Features of Malabsorption
Where in the gi tract is iron abs...,
Where in the gi tract are monosac...,
How is protein malabsorption diag...
11  cards
143b - Absorption of Carbohydrates and Proteins
Which of the following hormones i...,
The gastric zymogen pepsinogen is...,
What are the most common disaccha...
12  cards
144b - Nutrition
Deficiency of which vitamin is as...,
Deficiency of which vitamin is as...,
What kind of anemia is associated...
20  cards
145b - GI Absorption and Metabolism/Pharmacology Review
How does the dosing recommendatio...,
Which statement best explains how...,
After rygb surgery a patient repo...
22  cards
146b - Appetite Regulation and Energy Expenditure
Which neuropeptides induce catabo...,
What is the effect of a mutation ...,
List the gi peptides taht regulat...
12  cards
147b/148b - Etiology and Pathophysiology of Obesity
List 4 determinants of obesity,
What hormones are released by fat,
Losing 5 10 of body weight ____ r...
9  cards
149b - Growth: Disease Specific Impact in Children
How is pancreatic insufficiency d...,
On a childs growth chart between ...,
Describe the presentation of celi...
11  cards
150b - Liver Histology and Basic Pathology
What is structure c,
Which metabolite of alcohol cause...,
Describe the two hit hypothesis o...
9  cards
151b - Pathology of Metabolic Liver Disease, Viral Hepatitis, and Cirrhosis
Which gene mutation results in,
What histologic change defines ch...,
What histologic changes are chara...
9  cards
152b - Bile Salts and Absorption of Lipids
Bile acid and cholesterol metabol...,
List the 4 components of bile,
Which macronutrient would be most...
11  cards
153b - Pathology of Gallbladder and BIliary Tract
List 4 consequences of,
Which antibody is diagnostic of pbc,
What conditions predispose to bla...
12  cards
154b - Clinical Features of Viral Hepatitis (Only including things not in Sketchy)
Can hepatocellular carcinoma occu...,
What do the following serology re...,
Which patients are most likely to...
6  cards
155b - Approach to the Newborn with Suspected Liver Disease
What causes brain damage in crigl...,
List the 3 types of progressive f...,
Which cause of neonatal cholestas...
16  cards
156b - Biliary Tract Disorders
Which serum liver chemistry test ...,
Which serum liver chemistry tests...,
List 3 significant lab findings i...
8  cards
157b - Liver Tumors
What is the 1 risk factor for hep...,
What is the major histologic find...,
What are the risk factors for cho...
12  cards
158b - Complications of Cirrhosis (probably taking the L on this one tbh)
List 3 physical exam signs of cir...,
What is the major difference in t...,
What is the first line treatment ...
9  cards
159b/160b - Pathology and Clinical Features of Pancreatic Disorders
What inflammatory cells will domi...,
What is the typical presentation ...,
What is the most common cause of ...
22  cards
161b - Microbial Pathogens of the GI Tract (Only including things not in sketchy)
All of the following cause an inf...,
Describe the mechanism of cholera...,
Which bacteria causes inflammator...
16  cards
162b/163b/164b/165b - Colon Stuff (Path, Clin features, IBD, Colon cancer)
What imaging method is preferred ...,
Which genetic mutation is asociat...,
Which of the following is true
58  cards
166b - Infectious Diseases of Luminal GI Tract
What causes secondary peritonitis,
How can the bacterial content of ...,
15  cards
167b - Functional GI Disorders
What additional studies are neces...,
Is irritable bowel syndrome a dia...,
What diet may help ibs
8  cards
168b - Imaging of the GI System
What are the indications for an a...,
Which imaging modality is recomme...,
What is the recommendation around...
8  cards

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