gia graduate gemologist - gem 230

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Assignment 1 - Introduction
What are the elements of the diam...,
Why are diamond grades important,
What does a diamond report tell you
11  cards
Assignment 2 - Evolution of the Diamond Industry
What were the first important sou...,
What were the conditions like in ...,
What were the conditions like in ...
44  cards
Assignment 3 - How Diamonds Form
What is a diamond made of,
What are the different layers wit...,
Why is plate tectonics important ...
38  cards
Assignment 4a - Diamond Exploration
What are the different types of d...,
What factors determine the time a...,
Primary deposit
17  cards
Assignment 4b - Diamond Mining
What is the most common method fo...,
Open pit mining,
An underground mining technique i...
21  cards
Assignment 5 - The Diamond Crystal
Solid matter with atoms arranged ...,
Composed of crystals or related t...,
The basic structural unit of all ...
55  cards
Assignment 6 - Diamonds and Color
What are the basic properties of ...,
What are the possible causes of d...,
The distance between two adjacten...
26  cards
Assignment 7 - The path light travels
The effect of all diamond s inter...,
The flashes of color you see in a...,
The flashes of light and the cont...
27  cards
Assignment 8 - Diamond Cutting
When did diamonds first appear in...,
How did improvements of tools adv...,
The process of dividing rough dia...
35  cards
Assignment 9 - Finding and Identifying Clarity Characteristics
Internal or external feature of a...,
What makes clarity characteristic...,
What part of the inspection most ...
24  cards
Assignment 10 - Grading Clarity
What factors influence a clarity ...,
What characteristics determine wh...,
Contrast between an inclusion and...
12  cards
Assignment 11 - Grading Color
What are the basic elements of color,
How do the basic elements of colo...,
The first impression of an object...
20  cards
Assignment 12/13 - Grading Proportions
The result achieved by adding the...,
Table to culet depth expressed as...,
How does average girdle diameter ...
42  cards
Assignment 14 - Grading Fancy Cuts
Any gemstone cut other than a sta...,
Why do fancy cuts appeal to some ...,
What are the major fancy cut face...
21  cards
Assignment 15 - Estimating Weight, Recutting, Repolishing
How do you evaluate the clarity c...,
How do you estimate the weight of...,
How do you evaluate the color of ...
13  cards
Assignment 16 - Lab-grown Diamonds
What technologies are used to cre...,
What were the early limitations o...,
How has the marketplace for lab g...
22  cards
Assignment 17 - Treatments
How can laser drilling improve a ...,
What are some benefits and disadv...,
What are some disadvantages of fr...
21  cards
Assignment 18 - Diamond Simulants
What is the difference between na...,
Why are simulants so popular,
What diamond attributes do simula...
24  cards
Assignment 19 - Tools & Instrumentation
What tools are used to handle and...,
How are diamonds measured and wei...,
What are some considerations when...
18  cards
Assignment 20 - Marketplace
What factors influence the price ...,
How do payment terms affect price,
How does lab grown diamond pricin...
28  cards

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