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GL01 Intro to Glaciated Landscapes
What is a glaciated landscape,
What is a glacier,
Where do we find current glaciate...
3  cards
GL02 How are glaciers created?
How does glacial ice form and wha...
1  cards
GL03 Warm based and cold based glaciers
What are some of the key characte...,
What are some of the key characte...,
What is the difference in basal t...
5  cards
GL04 How do glaciers move?
What is basal sliding in a glacier,
What is basal slip,
Part of basal slidingwhat is enha...
9  cards
GL05 Factors affecting glacier movement
What is the influence of climate ...,
What is substrate deformation,
What is the influence of latitude...
14  cards
GL06 - Glaciers as a System
In what context are most flows of...,
Why are glacial systems considere...,
What do we need to remember about...
14  cards
GL07 Glacial Mass Balances
Mass balance diagram,
Why are scientists concerned abou...,
What is the definition of accumul...
16  cards
GL10 Physical Factors affecting Glaciated Landscapes
How does aspect affect precipitat...,
How does aspect affect ablation a...,
Which direction would you expect ...
12  cards
GL11 Introduction to Geomorphic Processes
What are the big five geomorphic ...,
What types of geomorphic processe...,
What type of glacier sat in snowd...
7  cards
GL11 Geomorphic Processes
What are the two types of physica...,
What is the process of pressure r...,
What is carbonation
17  cards
What is plucking,
When is plucking most effective,
What is abrasion
14  cards
GL12 Analysing Geomorphic Processes
What factors affect the rate and ...,
What factors affect the rate and ...,
What factors affect the rate of m...
11  cards
General Knowledge of Glaciated Landscapes
What are ice sheets,
What are ice caps,
What are piedmont glaciers
15  cards
GL15 Landforms of glcaial erosion
What are corries,
What processes contribute to corr...,
What are aretes and pyramidal peaks
6  cards
GL17 Landforms of glacial deposition
Why might a glacier deposit material,
What is a terminal moraine,
What is a lateral moraine
8  cards
GL20 & HW Snowdonia Case Study Introduction
What is snowdonia,
What did charles darwin say about...,
What are the three main mountain ...
9  cards
GL22 Impact of aspect and geology in Snowdonia
What is the impact of aspect on t...,
What is the prevailing wind in th...,
How does the prevailing wind affe...
12  cards
GL23 H:W Review- factors affecting landforms in Snowdonia
What is cwm idwal and how does ge...,
What is the impact of aspect on c...,
What is the impact of climate on ...
13  cards
GL27 Laurentide Introduction
What is the laurentide ice sheet,
What was the most recent advance ...,
What is the bedrock geology of mi...
9  cards
GL28 Laurentide Ice Sheet Review
What is the laurentide ice sheet,
What was the extent and thickness...,
How did the climate affect the la...
8  cards
GL29 Introduction to glaciofluvial landforms
What is the name of the interglac...,
What is the name of the last glac...,
What is the name of the glaciatio...
10  cards
2.1 Growth
What is real gdp,
What is economic growth,
What are the benefits of using na...
46  cards
8 markers on the formation of landforms
How are corries formed,
Pyramidal peak
6  cards
Climate affecting Glaciated Landscapes
What are aeolian processes,
What is the significance of preci...,
What is the typical precipitation...
9  cards
Geology (Lithology + Structure) affecting glaciated landscapes
0  cards
Geology affecting glaciated landscape
What are the two key aspects of g...,
What does lithology describe,
What is the difference between cl...
8  cards
Latitude and Altitude affecting glaciated landscape
What is the definition of high la...,
What type of climate do high lati...,
How does the appearance of cold d...
8  cards
Relief and Aspect affecting glaciated landsxapes
What are the major controls on cl...,
What impact do relief and aspect ...,
How does relief affect the moveme...
8  cards
Factors Affecting Glacial Abrasion
0  cards
Factors Affecting Rates of Abrasion
What is glacial abrasion,
What is the role of basal debris ...,
What is the significance of debri...
8  cards
Physical Weathering
Reeze thaw,
Frost shattering,
Pressure release
3  cards
Chemical + Biological Weathering
14  cards
Mass Movements
What is mass movement,
What are the most significant mas...,
What is rock fall
8  cards
Lanforms of Glacial Deposition
Describe the formation of an erratic,
Describe the formation of a termi...,
Describe the formation of a later...
6  cards
Laurentide Ice Sheet
How thick was the ice sheet,
When was the most recent advance ...,
What was the last advance called
10  cards
Laurentide Ice Sheet
1 where are minnesota s oldest ro...,
2 what types of rocks are found i...,
3 along which geological feature ...
18  cards
The Laurentide Ice Sheet - Pro Glacial Lakes
What caused the creation of progl...,
Which was the largest proglacial ...,
Where was lake agassiz located
9  cards
Post-glacial climate change and its effect on geomorphic processes
What are glacio fluvial landforms,
What types of landforms are consi...,
When are most glacio fluvial land...
12  cards
Formation of Kames
What is a kame,
How many types of kames are there,
How do delta kames form
8  cards
Formation of Eskers
What is an esker,
What may carry huge amounts of de...,
When does deposition occur in the...
9  cards
Formation of Outwash Plains
0  cards
Formation of Outwash Plains
What is an outwash plain,
What happens to meltwater streams...,
Where is the largest material dep...
16  cards
Formation of Eskers REAL
Part 1,
Part 2
2  cards
Formation of Outwash Plains Real
Part 1,
Part 2,
Part 3
3  cards
What are glacio fluvial deposits,
Why are glacio fluvial deposits d...,
What happens to glacio fluvial de...
14  cards
Formation of Outwash Plains
What is an outwash plain,
What happens to meltwater streams...,
Where is the largest material dep...
16  cards
Snowdonia Case Study
What is the snowdonia or eryri na...,
When was the snowdonia national p...,
What is the purpose of classifyin...
45  cards
Oil Extraction in Alaska
How does the extraction and trans...,
How are material flows affected b...,
What impact does gravel extractio...
29  cards
Oil Extraction in Alaska - Stats
What are the oil reserves in prud...,
How long is the alyeska pipeline ...,
What is the daily oil transportat...
11  cards
Grand Dixence Case Studies
Where is grande dixence located a...,
Why was grande dixence initially ...,
Why was the construction of grand...
41  cards
Patterned Ground Formation
Part 1
1  cards
Pingos Formation
What are pingos,
Closed system pingos
5  cards

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