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General Terms
A tree or shrub of the mimosaceou...,
A place shaded by trees or shrubs...,
A real or imaginary straight line...
92  cards
Eastern Civilizations (Ancient India, China, Japan, and Pre-Columbian America)
A wide set of steps descending to...,
According to buddhist tradition g...,
More than 1 500 miles long believ...
118  cards
Central Civilizations (Mesopotamia, Persia, Moorish Spain, and Mughal India)
These comprise that part of the caucasoid race whose civilization began with the Sumerians in Mesopotamia, developed with the Assyrians, Persians, and Sassanids, and under Islam spread west to Spain and east to India roughly about 35 deg. north.
47  cards
Biographical Sketches
1860 1935 social reformer founder...,
Nature and art should imitate eac...,
1908 1975 chief planner and desig...
59  cards
The Modern World Terms
A plot of land where trees or shr...,
Pastoral bucolic rural rustic sim...,
An exterior wall around an open a...
28  cards
Outline III: Renaissance Period to Modern Times
Duration of the renaissance period,
Date of renaissance italy,
Date of the philosopher s garden ...
34  cards
The Renaissance Terms
Italian for beautiful view a roof...,
A style of art and architecture c...,
Italian for grove of trees thricket
69  cards
Outline II: Middle Ages
Comprises today s western europe ...,
Date of the medieval ages dark ages,
High level of technological achie...
19  cards
The Middle Ages Terms
A religious institution under the...,
An increase un size or extent by ...,
From the latin word to walk a cov...
71  cards
Outline I: Prehistory to Ancient Times
Define paleolithic,
Definition and date of the neolit...,
Date of the bronze age
75  cards
Philippine Landscape Architecture
Pala was found on this date
20  cards
Western Civilizations (Ancient Times, Egypt, Greece, and Rome)
A linear civilization for nearly ...,
The sun god of the egyptians grea...,
Accepted as the son of ra on eart...
107  cards
The Eighteenth to Twentieth Centuries
Three schools of thought intermin...,
New capital of russia founded by ...,
The palace of peter the great out...
39  cards
Western Civilizations (Middle Ages to Renaissance, Europe with Russia)
In ad 395 the roman empire was sp...,
The eastern roman empire ruled fr...,
Rebuilt on the site of a centurie...
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