gold seal private pilot

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Pilot Qualifications (Module 1)
For private pilot operations a fi...,
How long is a first class medical...,
What class medical certificate ar...
19  cards
Aircraft Basics (Module 1)
Airplane structural components, stability and controllability, aviation documents and publications, and terms and acronyms
50  cards
Aircraft Requirements (Module 1)
Where can you usually find the ai...,
What is the airworthiness certifi...,
What is the registration how long...
23  cards
Phonetic Alphabet (Module 1)
Recite the phonetic alphabet
1  cards
Airport Operations (Module 1)
What is this,
When taxiing to a runaway the pil...,
What should a pilot do after land...
75  cards
Airport Signs and Runway Markings (Module 1)
How long are the centerline bars ...,
What are these bars called and wh...,
Describe the areas preceding the ...
45  cards
Zulu Time (Module 1)
What is zulu time why do pilots u...,
If it s 1030z in boston what time...,
What is the two step process to c...
5  cards
Aerodynamics 101 (Module 1)
What are the four forces of flight,
Memorize this statement lift equals,
An aircraft moves in three dimens...
27  cards
Aerodynamics 102 (Module 1)
From the cockpit most airplanes h...,
In cruise flight the airplane has...,
A plane in slow flight has a high...
55  cards
Conventional Airplane Instruments (Module 1)
What 2 gauges build the base for ...,
Gyroscopic instruments work on th...,
The turn coordinator works on wha...
83  cards
Gyroscopic Instruments (Module 1)
This is not a quizzed module.
16  cards
The Magnetic Compass (Module 1)
The compass is only accurate during,
Name and describe 4 magnetic comp...,
How is magnetic variation shown o...
37  cards
Latitude and Longitudes - Sectional Charts (Module 2)
Degrees are subdivided into small...,
What latitude location is indicat...
21  cards
Understanding Sectional Charts (Module 2)
Name 4 facts about sectional charts,
Important note sectional charts i...,
In the upper left corner of the c...
99  cards
The Chart Supplement Publication (Module 2)
If you need information about an ...,
What does flight regulation far 9...,
What section of the chart supplem...
38  cards
NAS 1 (Module 2)
Class A, E and G
35  cards
NAS 3 (Module 2)
Special Use Airspaces
60  cards
Untowered Airport Communications (Module 2)
At untowered fields there s no,
Just like any airport arrival the...,
After you ve listened to the asos...
22  cards
Class D VFR Arrival (Module 2)
What are the six steps for a clas...,
Looking at this sectional chart w...,
By the time you are roughly 10 mi...
15  cards
Class D Airport Departure (Module 2)
Class d airports have 2 different...,
Class d airports are identified h...,
What s the first thing you do to ...
13  cards
Transponders (Module 2)
Modern transponders are generally...,
When referring to transponders wh...,
What does mode c designate
37  cards

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