h2 chemistry

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Chapter 1 - Atomic Structure
How do particles behave when plac...,
How is the angle of deflection ca...,
What is the principal quantum num...
25  cards
Chapter 22 - Transition Elements
Define transition elements,
Explain why transition metals hav...,
Explain why transition metals hav...
20  cards
Chapter 21 - Periodicity
Why are oxidation numbers of elem...,
Why do elements across period 3 d...,
Why does the bonding of period 3 ...
33  cards
Chapter 20B: Electrolytic Cells
Define electrolytic cells,
Define electrolysis,
What is selective discharge
13  cards
Chapter 20A: Electrochemical Cells
Define electrochemistry,
Define electrochemical cell also ...,
What is the electron flow for ele...
24  cards
Chapter 19 - Nitrogen Compounds
How do boiling points differ with...,
How do the boiling points of prim...,
How do the boiling points of amin...
35  cards
Chapter 18 - Carboxylic Acids & Derivatives
Why do carboxylic acids have high...,
Why can carboxylic acids dissolve...,
How does solubility of carboxylic...
30  cards
Chapter 2 - Chemical Bonding
What is electronegativity,
What is the trend of electronegat...,
What is the trend of electronegat...
56  cards
Chapter 3 - The Gaseous State
What are 4 simple gas laws,
Define ideal gas,
What is the combined gas equation
17  cards
Chapter 4 - Reactions and Stoichiometry
What is the law of conservation o...,
What are the 4 types of reactions,
What is the temperature pressure ...
21  cards
Chapter 5 - Chemical Energetics: Thermochemistry & Thermodynamics
What does energetically more stab...,
Define activation energy,
What are the standard conditions ...
48  cards
Chapter 7 - Chemical Equilibria
Define irreversible reactions,
Define reversible reactions,
Define dynamic equilibrium
25  cards
Chapter 8 - Introduction to Organic Chemistry
What is an alkyl group,
What is an aryl group,
What is a substituent group
36  cards
Chapter 9 - Isomerism
What is constitutional structural...,
What is stereoisomerism,
What are the 3 types of constitut...
27  cards
Chapter 6 - Reaction Kinetics
Why g cannot be used to tell the ...,
Why are reactions with low ea fast,
Why are reactions with high ea slow
41  cards
Chapter 10 - Alkanes
Why are alkanes least reactive,
What are alkanes held together by,
How does the physical state of al...
27  cards
Chapter 11 - Alkenes
How does the physical properties ...,
Why does the boiling point of alk...,
Why does the density of alkenes i...
35  cards
Chapter 12 - Arenes
What is the molecular formula of ...,
How are principal functional grou...,
What is the state and colour of b...
35  cards
Chapter 14 - Solubility Equilibria
Define solubility,
How is a dynamic equilibrium form...,
What is solubility product ksp
12  cards
Chapter 15 - Acid-Base Equilibria
What is a conjugate acid base pair,
What is ionic product of water kw,
How do we calculate ph of strong ...
24  cards
Chapter 13 - Halogen Derivatives
How are halogenoalkanes classified,
What are halogenoarenes,
What are 3 physical properties of...
34  cards
Chapter 16 - Hydroxy Compounds
Why are the boiling points of alc...,
Why does the boiling point of alc...,
Why are alcohols more soluble in ...
21  cards
Chapter 17 - Carbonyl Compounds
Why do aldehydes and ketones have...,
Why do aldehydes and ketones have...,
Why are aldehydes and ketones sol...
19  cards

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