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Nigel alexander on vengance in th...,
Types of agression and their effe...,
Nigel alexander on hamlet dual mind
22  cards
context: genre of tragedy
Where does contemporary theatre o...,
Greek tragedies were for 5,
Aristotles unities as defined in ...
22  cards
context: revenge
Elizabethan and jacobean revenge ...,
Similarities between thyestes and...,
Synopsis of amleth 12th cent scan...
16  cards
Context: Kingship, Power, Authority and Political Stability
Type of monarchy used in denmark,
Hierarchy of the human pysche,
Explain elizabethan concepts of s...
27  cards
Religion in Hamlet
Introductory forewarning in the h...,
Williams why we cant believe haml...,
Why should hamlet have no doubts ...
6  cards
Quote to demonstrate hamlets madn...,
Passage in timothy brights treati...,
Summary of maynard mack on traged...
12  cards
role of women
Quote from romeo and juliet with ...,
Quote from lear with illustrates ...,
Sir thomas elyot the boom named t...
12  cards
Shakespeare's language
What is early english,
Early modern english,
When is you used shakespearean time
11  cards
literary terms
Chorus orgin role in shakespeare ...,
An example of pastiche in hamlet
6  cards
Poloniuss pompous and overbearing...,
Victor hugo who did he constrast ...,
Sean mcevoy on critical perceptio...
24  cards
Sydney bolt what do the soliloquy...,
Syndey bolt on hamlets 4th soliloquy,
Michael hatthaway on the 4th soli...
16  cards
critical anthology- section A tragedy
Summary and source of david scott...,
Critical quote from kastan on the...,
Kastan how do the characters in s...
27  cards

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