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Scene summaries
Act 1 scene 1,
Act 1 scene 2,
Act 1 scene 3
20  cards
Theatrical Interpretations
Broadway richard burton,
Royal court theatre
10  cards
Subject pronouns,
Objective pronoun,
Possessive pronoun
44  cards
Dramatic terminology
26  cards
Key Quotations - Hamlet
Aside first lines of the play rel...,
Hamlet self loathing after player...,
Hamlet feeling suicidal in his fi...
34  cards
Key Quotations - Claudius
Claudius on his guilt,
Claudius admission of guilt,
Claudius can t pray
11  cards
Key Quotations - Horatio
Horatio to hamlet as he is dying,
Horatio wanting to commit suicide...,
Horatio talking about the state
4  cards
Key Quotations - Polonius
Spying on hamlet with claudius in...,
Polonius death words,
Polonius aside about hamlet s mad...
5  cards
Key Quotations - Ophelia
Ophelia singing after polonius death,
Ophelia s obedience,
Ophelia assuring laertes she ll t...
8  cards
Key Quotations - Gertrude
Gertrude describing ophelia s death,
Gertrude telling hamlet to stop g...,
Telling polonius to talk with
8  cards
Key Quotations - Minor Characters
Barnardo the first line of the play,
Marcellus to horatio,
Francisco on the battlements
9  cards
Critical readings
Aristotelian tragedy,
Aristotelian tragedy in hamlet,
Ideas of marxism
16  cards
Critical Interpretations - Hamlet
Emma smith,
Sigmund freud,
14  cards
Critical Interpretations - Claudius
Wilson knight,
Amanda mabillard
6  cards
Critical Interpretations - Gertrude
10  cards
Critical Interpretations - Polonius
Samuel johnson,
Micheal pennington,
4  cards
Critical Interpretations - Ophelia
Elaine showalter,
Jeffrey wood,
Lee dewards
14  cards
Critical Interpretations - Other
Eleanor prosser on laertes,
Wilson knight,
6  cards
Critical Interpretations - Madness
Ac bradley
8  cards
Critical Interpretations - Women
Ernest jones,
Elaine showalter,
David levernez
6  cards
Critical Interpretations - Revenge
Lee jamieson
6  cards
Critical Interpretations of the play as a whole
James shapiro,
Victor hugo,
6  cards
18th Century Responses to Hamlet
Thomas hammer on hamlet s character,
Thomas hammer on hamlet s delay,
Samuel johnson on hamlet s behaviour
5  cards
Romantic Responses to Hamlet
Study of romantic period,
Colerige identifying with hamlet,
Coleridge on hamlet s mind
9  cards
Freudian Responses to Hamlet
Freud on hamlet s murders,
Freud on hamlet s delay,
Freud on hamlet s oedipal feelings
6  cards
Early 20th Century Responses to Hamlet
Coleridge on hamlet s character,
Ac bradley on hamlet,
Ac bradley on the impact of gertr...
5  cards
Feminist Readings and Criticisms of Hamlet
Core focuses of feminist criticism,
Central ideas of feminist thinking,
Lisa jardine
12  cards
Marxism Readings of Hamlet
Marxism based on,
Karl marx,
Marxist politics vs analysis
8  cards
Key Quotations - Hamlet COPY
Aside first lines of the play rel...,
Hamlet self loathing after player...,
Hamlet feeling suicidal in his fi...
34  cards

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