hand and upper extremity conditions

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Wrist Fractures
Colles fracture,
Smiths fracture,
Bartons fracture
70  cards
Wrist Instabilities
Carpal instability,
Radioulnar motion radial deviation,
Radioulnar motion ulnar deviation
22  cards
Hand Fractures
Boxers fracture,
Bennets fracture,
Management mc fractures
12  cards
Finger Sprains and Deformities
Boutonniere deformity,
Swan neck deformity,
Skiers thumb
3  cards
Superficial partial thickness burn,
Deep partial thickness burn,
Full thickness burn
8  cards
Reduction techniques for acute ed...,
Acute edema bulky dressing,
Acute edema high voltage pulsed c...
22  cards
Fundamentals: Hand Therapy Concepts/Treatment Techniques
Things to consider when treating ...,
Phases of healing 3
37  cards
Functional Anatomy
Brachial plexus,
What is the relationship of the r...,
Rotator cuff muscles 4
24  cards
Evaluation of the Hand/UE
History 5,
Assessment of pain 7,
Pain scales 5
27  cards
Elbow, Wrist, and Hand Tendinopathies
17  cards
Common Shoulder Diagnoses
Open packed position,
Close packed position,
Force couple
40  cards
Elbow Diagnoses
Elbow fx 3,
Radial head fx,
Olecranon fx
10  cards
Peripheral Nerve Problems
Seddons classification pn 3,
49  cards
49  cards
Grasp patterns 6,
Which grasp patterns do not requi...,
Which grasp patterns use thumb op...
16  cards
Amputations and Prosthetics
Levels of upper limb amputations 9,
Levels and losses,
14  cards
Wound Care
Phases of healing 3,
Inflammatory phase,
Proliferation phase
54  cards
Traumatic Injuries
Surgical procedures used to treat...,
Surgical procedures used to treat...,
Surgical procedures used to treat...
35  cards
Flexor Tendon Repairs
Blood supply to flexor tendons,
Healing of flexor tendons comes from,
When is the flexor tendon weakest
24  cards
Extensor Tendon Repairs
Primary extensor of fingers,
What else helps with pip extension,
What is the small slip of edc att...
17  cards
Preventing and Treating Stiffness
Cycle of nonuse,
Evaluation of stiffness 10,
Pip stiffness 3
49  cards
Dupuytren's Disease
Dupuytrens disease,
Dupuytrens epidemology,
Dupuytrens and other diseases
14  cards
Tendon Transfers
Indications for tendon transfer 4,
Key component of tendon transfer,
Goal of tendon transfer
23  cards
The Neurological Hand
Common diagnoses associated with ...,
Neurological hand spasticity,
Neurological hand pain
22  cards
Pain and Integrative Strategies
Crps type i,
Crps type ii
17  cards
Return to Work Issues and Job Analysis
Functional capacity evaluation,
Fce components 15,
Fce cardiovascular evaluation
18  cards
Chemical activity in cells and me...,
Temperature after which tissue wi...,
Use of heat modality 3
54  cards

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hand and upper extremity conditions

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