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Plate Tectonics
How thick is the continental crust,
How thick is the oceanic crust,
How dense is continental rust
99  cards
What type of slope does a shield ...,
What type of lava is released by ...,
How often do shield volcanoes erupt
86  cards
The Concept Of Hazards In A Geographical Context
Define natural hazard,
What can a hazard be caused by,
What are the 3 types of hazard
42  cards
Chile Wildfires
When did the wild fires start,
When did the wild fires end,
How did these fires compare to ot...
44  cards
The Philippines: A Multi Hazard Environment
Where is the philippines,
How many people live in the phili...,
What does the philippines positio...
63  cards
Kobe, Japan -Local Scale Case Study
When did the kobe earthquake happen,
What magnitude was the earthquake,
What is another name for this ear...
45  cards
Calbuco, Chile Volcano Case Study
Where is this volcano located,
In which mountain range will you ...,
When did the volcano last start t...
49  cards
Seismic Hazards
What are tsunamis,
What are tsunamis generated by,
What is an earthquake
153  cards
Nepal Earthquake 2015 Case Study
What is the population of nepal,
Where is nepal located,
What is the population density of...
97  cards
Hurricane Katrina Case Study
When did hurricane katrina take p...,
When did the storm first develop,
Whereabouts did the storm first d...
54  cards
Hurricane Sandy Case Study
When did this tropical storm form,
When was the tropical storm upgra...,
How much money did the hurricane ...
70  cards
Storm Hazards
What is air pressure,
What type of pressure does warm a...,
What type of pressure does cold a...
102  cards
Typhoon Haiyan
Where did typhoon haiyan affect,
When did typhoon haiyan strike,
When did typhoon haiyan reach cat...
41  cards
Fires in Nature
What are surface fires,
What can ground temperatures reac...,
What are crown fires
57  cards
Victoria Bushfires February 2009
What were these fires known as,
Why is victoria vulnerable to wil...,
What is the climate like in victoria
23  cards

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