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component 2: barriers to accessing health and social care/ settings.
Physical what are these linked to...,
Physical example rahi arthritic h...,
Physical sensory impairment heari...
28  cards
skills and attributes.
What does observation look like,
What are some things you can observe,
What are some things you can measure
7  cards
What are the care values,
What does commitment mean in heal...,
What are some examples of how car...
6  cards
What is the responsibility of a p...,
What is the responsibility of gp dr,
What is the responsibility of wal...
25  cards
key terms. -component two?
Primary care,
Allied health professional,
Secondary care
20  cards
primary, secondary, AHP, MDT, tertiary care.
What are the responsibilities of ...,
Why might someone need rehab,
Examples of allied health profess...
15  cards
health conditions.
What is arthritis,
What are the common symptoms of a...,
What treatment is available for a...
10  cards
sensory impairments.
How does a sensory impairment aff...,
What sources of support are avail...,
What are the specialists for thos...
4  cards
physical impairment.
What are the causes of physical i...,
2  cards
social care: specific needs, vulnerability, workers.
What are some examples of additio...,
Why might an adult be vulnerable,
Why might a child be vulnerable
20  cards
life expectancy and age related issues.
What has happened to the average ...,
What are some of the difference b...,
What problems do older adults face
15  cards
What are 6 obstacles an individua...
1  cards
health improvement plan (yr 9.)
What does smart targets stand for,
What is the first step of creatin...,
What is the second step of creati...
8  cards
health and social care.
Define healthcare,
Define social care,
What important traits should a hs...
3  cards
care values.
Define care values,
Define person centred approach,
Define holistic approach
40  cards
physical changes in each life stage.
What age range is infancy,
What is the physical development ...,
What age range is early childhood
13  cards
life events.
Define life event,
Define expected,
Define unexpected
8  cards
1  cards
health and wellbeing.
Define health and wellbeing,
What does a positive definition o...,
What qualifies someone as having ...
11  cards
physical factors- inherited conditions.
Cystic fibrosis what is cf,
Cystic fibrosis how does it affec...,
Cystic fibrosis how could it affe...
13  cards
physical factors- physical ill health.
Cardiovascular disease what is ca...,
Cardiovascular disease what does ...,
Cardiovascular disease what can i...
15  cards
physical factors- mental ill health.
Anxiety what does it affect,
Anxiety how does it physically af...
13  cards
lifestyle factors: nurtition.
Define nutrition,
Nutrition how can it affect curre...,
Nurtition how could it affect fut...
5  cards
LA:B- health and wellbeing- interpreting health indicators.
learning aim B.
20  cards
lifestyle factors: physical activity.
What are the different types of a...,
What are some examples of wveryda...,
What are some examples of recreat...
17  cards
lifestyle factors: smoking.
What harmful chemcials are in cig...,
Why is nicotine harmful,
Why is tar harmful
15  cards
lifestyle factors: alcohol.
What is alcohol misuse when a person,
What are the short term impacts o...,
What are the affects of drinking ...
8  cards
lifestyle factors: susbtance misuse.
What types of drugs are there and...,
What are perscription drugs,
What are the benifits of perscrip...
15  cards
social factors: supportive and unsupportive relationships.
freinds, family, peers and colleagues.
7  cards
social factors: social inclusion and exclusion.
How can you define social inclusion,
What are some different types of ...,
What sis social exclusion
4  cards
social factors: bullying and discrimination.
What is discrimination,
What do people get discriminated ...,
What identifies the types of disc...
18  cards
cultrual factors.
religion, gender roles and expectations, gender identity, sexual orientation, community participation.
16  cards
economic factors.
employment situation and financial reasources, income, inheritance & savings.
19  cards
environmental factors: housing needs, conditions, location.
What do good living conditions lo...,
What sort of conditions do you ex...,
What is the effect on health and ...
11  cards
environmental factors: exposure to pollution.
air, nosie, light.
12  cards
environmental factors: home environment.
high levels of parental conflict, experience sof abuse and neglect.
9  cards
imapct of lifer events on PIES: physical events.
What are some physical events tha...,
Why would unexpected life events ...,
What is the physical impact of ac...
14  cards
imapct of lifer events on PIES: relationship changes.
What sort of relationship changes...,
What is greif,
What are the positive impacts of ...
4  cards
imapct of lifer events on PIES: life circumstances.
What are the different circumstan...,
What could change in regards to e...,
What could change in regards to l...
21  cards
LA:B- health & wellbeing- blood pressure.
What is blood pressure,
What does systolic mean,
What does diastolic mean
25  cards
LA:B- health & wellbeing- body mass index.
What is bmi used for,
How do you calculate bmi,
What is the range for underweight
15  cards
LA: B2- health and wellbeing- interpreting lifestyle indicators.
Nutrition what are the guidlines,
Nutrition how could it affect cur...,
Nutrition how could it affect cur...
20  cards
person centred care.
What is a person centred approach,
What does a person centred approa...,
How would needs be caiterd to
8  cards
What are all the reasons people n...,
What are the different ways in wh...,
How can a formal source of suppor...
18  cards
What are barriers,
What are the different types of b...,
What are some examples of physica...
9  cards

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