health information management technology, an applied approach

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Decks in this class (18)

Chapter 1 - Health Information Management Profession
Hospital standardization program,
History of the names of ahima,
41  cards
Chapter 2 - Healthcare Delivery Systems
110  cards
Chapter 3 - Health Information Functions, Purpose, and Users
Difference between data informati...,
Primary purpose of the health record,
Secondary purpose of the health r...
67  cards
Chapter 4 - Health Record Content and Documentation
Documentation mantra,
Data quality,
Documentation standards
52  cards
Chapter 5 - Clinical Terminologies, Classifications, and Code Systems
Clinical terminology,
Granular level of data
27  cards
Chapter 6 - Data Management
System characterization,
Data element,
Uniform ambulatory care data set ...
23  cards
Chapter 7 & 8 - Secondary Data Sources (skipped chapter 8)
Patient identifiable data,
Disease registry,
Accession number
46  cards
Chapter 9 - Data Privacy and Confidentiality
Use vs disclosure,
Rebut verb rebuttal noun,
Countervail verb
20  cards
Chapter 10 - Data Security
Three basic types of backup,
Five threats to health information,
30  cards
Chapter 11 - Health Information Systems
End user,
73  cards
Chapter 12 - Healthcare Information / Chapter 13 - Research and Data Analysis
Dashboard vs scorecard,
Executive information system eis
55  cards
Chapter 14 - Healthcare Statistics
37  cards
Chapter 15 - Revenue Management and Reimbursement
Out of pocket
56  cards
Chapter 16 - Fraud and Abuse Compliance / Chapter 17 - Management
Automated review,
Three levels of effort in fraud o...,
41  cards
Chapter 18 - Performance
Performance improvement pi,
Performance measurement,
Performance indicators
40  cards
Chapter 19 - Performance
Four major theories of leadership,
Leader emergence
30  cards
Chapter 20 - Human Resources Management
Capital vs capitol,
Human capital,
Line authority
64  cards
Chapter 21 - Ethical Issues in Health Information Management
Cultural diversity,
22  cards

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health information management technology, an applied approach

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