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1. structure + function of CVS
Explain area available for diffusion,
Factors affecting diffusion resis...,
Factors affecting diffusion gradient
17  cards
1.2 Histology of the cardiovascular system
What is the function of the serou...,
What is the structure function of...,
Where is the transverse pericardi...
43  cards
Surface anatomy of the heart
Name the 5 surfaces of the heart ...,
Name the 4 borders of the heart,
What are sulci of the heart
12  cards
Vasculature of the heart
Where do the coronary arteries ar...,
Name all the coronary arteries in...,
Where are aortic sinuses found
13  cards
The heart wall (1.2)
Name the 3 layers of the heart mu...,
Layers of the heart
2  cards
2. Embryology - early development of CVS
Importance of cardiogenic field,
Where is the position of the card...,
How does the cardiogenic field ap...
31  cards
2.1 embrology - sepration & foetal shunts
What is atrioventricular canal,
What are the different septations,
How do you create septation
19  cards
3 Embryology - congenital heart defects
Ventricular septal defect vsd,
Name the 4 main defects of the heart,
Transposition of the great vessels
16  cards
L5.1 - Blood flow
What is velocity,
What is the relationship between ...,
What is the relationship of veloc...
25  cards
5.2 Pressure & flow in the systemic circulation
What is diastolic arterial pressure,
What is pulse pressure,
How do you calculate mean arteria...
22  cards
6 Control of cardiac output
Constant cardiac output total per...,
Constant total peripheral resista...,
Constant total peripheral resista...
24  cards
7 The electrocardiogram
Describe how excitation normally ...,
Which situations will an upwards ...,
Which situations will yield a dow...
5  cards
What are the 5 surfaces of the heart,
What are the 4 borders of the heart,
Describe the position of the hear...
3  cards
2 The heart as a pump & CVS development
Describe the properties of cardia...,
How does the organisation of the ...,
What are the fundamental changes ...
15  cards
Abnormalities in ECG traces
How will atrial fibrillation affe...,
Roughly what is the hr of atrial ...,
What happens in ventricular fibri...
11  cards
9 Drugs and the CVS
What are the action of drugs on t...,
Do drugs only act at 1 site,
What are arrhythmias
62  cards
M&R 10.2
What is an example of a non depol...,
What is an example of a depolaris...,
What is an example of anticholine...
20  cards
Name a ss 1 antagonist and what i...,
Name an a1 antagonist and what it...,
Name a mixed adrenoceptor antagonist
17  cards

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