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Ch. 1 - An Overview of Clinical Laboratory Hematology
The average human possesses how m...,
Enumerate functions of the blood,
What is the liquid portion of blo...
119  cards
Ch. 1 - Inc/Dec of Blood Cells
Lymphocytipenia is associated wit...,
Lymphocytisis is usually associat...,
Monocytosis is associated with wh...
5  cards
Ch. 14 - RBC Indices
Why are the rbc indices calculated,
What are the rbc indices,
The rbc indice that is the averag...
31  cards
RBC Anomalies from Reviewer
Normal rdw homogenous heterogenous,
This can help determine the cause...,
Increased rdw homogenous heteroge...
6  cards
Ch. 9 - RBC Membrane
Rbc deformability depends on ____...,
Rbcs have an average of 90fl volu...,
What is the normal range value of...
70  cards
Ch. 14 - Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
Which among the following is esr ...,
This is commonly used as a genera...,
Which among the following is esr ...
39  cards
Lab worksheet #4: Hematocrit determination (Ch. 14 - Microhematocrit: p.179-180)
What type of blood specimen is us...,
Which end of the microhematocrit ...,
T f the microhematocrit or capill...
59  cards
Lab Worksheet #5: Red Blood Cell Count
Blood is diluted with a an hypoto...,
This is the number of red cells i...,
What are the characteristics of a...
31  cards
Ch. 22: Introduction to Increased Destruction of Erythrocytes
This term refers to increased des...,
The reduced number of cells due t...,
A hemolytic process is present wi...
11  cards
Ch. 18: Red Blood Cell Morphology and Approach to Diagnosis
What type of cells perform the vi...,
What component within the erythro...,
From what greek word was anemia d...
104  cards
Ch. 10 - Hemoglobin Metabolism (Incom. start at Hb synthesis...)
This is the first protein whose s...,
This molecule is a conjugated glo...,
The hemoglobin molecule has how m...
38  cards
C28. Nonmalignant Leukocyte Disorders
Most common genetic disorder of l...,
Most common neutrophil anomaly,
Most common of the lysosomal lipi...
64  cards
RBC Anomalies (Page 245-246)
Abnormal vairation in rbc volume ...,
What is the normal size of an rbc,
What is the normal mcv
26  cards

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