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Overview of Healthcare Provision
What is the whos definition of he...,
What is the whos definition of he...,
List 5 key objectives of health s...
28  cards
Primary Prevention
Define primary prevention,
List 2 examples of primary preven...,
Define secondary prevention
48  cards
Secondary Prevention
Define screening,
List 3 things that screening lead...,
List 4 ways by which screening ca...
26  cards
Tertiary Prevention
Define tertiary prevention,
List the 3 types of tertiary prev...,
List 4 sources of guidance for pa...
7  cards
End of Life Care
Define palliative care,
Define end of life care,
Define supportive care
12  cards
Health Economics: Introduction and Overview
What is the difference between a ...,
Define opportunity cost,
What is the technical definition ...
19  cards
Measurement of Outcomes and Costs in Economic Analysis
List 2 factors that affect costs ...,
List 1 advantage and 1 disadvanta...,
What is the possible range of val...
14  cards
NICE and National Level Decision Making
When was nice established what wa...,
List the centres that compose nice,
List the directorates that are in...
13  cards
Justice and Rationing in the NHS
On which date was the nhs founded,
On which principle relating to ju...,
List 2 of the 10 core principles ...
19  cards
Safeguarding Patient Rights
Which act governs capacity in the uk,
List 5 recommendations given by t...,
Why is capacity decision and time...
14  cards
Introduction to Disability Studies (SDL 2)
When was the disability discrimin...,
What is the purpose of the equali...,
What is the purpose of the human ...
19  cards
Introduction to Occupational Health
Define occupational medicine,
Give the whos definition of occup...,
Which institution sets standards ...
26  cards
Fitness for Work and Return to Work
What was the of sickness absence ...,
What was the cost of sickness abs...,
List 5 advantages of reemployment...
22  cards
Deaf Awareness
How common is deafness in the uk,
Define hard of hearingwhat is the...,
What is the range of hearing loss...
24  cards
Doctors' Decision Making, Health Economics and Health Policy
What was the outcome of the mike ...,
List 2 arguments for the outcome ...,
List 2 arguments against the outc...
5  cards
Sensory Impairment
Define visual acuity,
How is visual acuity measured and...,
How are the subclasses of blindne...
26  cards
Learning Disability
List 4 characteristics of a learn...,
List 3 papers and initiatives tha...,
List 4 laws that improve the live...
10  cards
Coping with Chronic Illness
Define coping,
What is folkman and lazarus 1980 ...,
Define chronic illness
35  cards
Identifying Occupational Disease
List 4 types of causes of illness...,
How should an occupational diseas...,
List 6 questions that would be su...
20  cards
Linking Theory to Practice
What follows diagnosis of occupat...,
List 5 steps of risk management a...,
List 6 factors to be determined i...
13  cards
Healthcare Inequalities
Define health inequality,
List 2 characteristics of health ...,
List 8 wide determinants of health
13  cards
Caring for Patients from Different Cultures
What is the difference between a ...,
Define culture,
Define value
14  cards
Inequalities in Cardiovascular Disease
What is the relationship between ...,
List the 3 most common causes of ...,
List the 3 most common causes of ...
18  cards
Carers' Experiences
List 7 tasks involved in care,
Define carer,
When were carers first legally re...
23  cards
Patient and Public Involvement in Healthcare
List 7 roles that patients play i...,
Define health literacy,
List 3 skills on which health lit...
9  cards
Inequalities in Cancer (SDL 6)
Describe the patterns of inequali...,
Describe the patterns of inequali...,
List 3 reasons for the higher inc...
7  cards
Social Factors in Mental Wellbeing (SDL 5)
Define mental health,
List the 2 theories that emerged ...,
What is social causation
17  cards
Learning Disability (SDL 3)
How many people in the uk have a ...,
Define learning disability,
List 2 recommendations under the ...
22  cards
Ethnicity and Health Inequalities (SDL 4)
What is the difference between ra...,
Define acculturation,
List 4 processes involved in accu...
14  cards

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