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A - Hydraulic Brake System Fundamentals
A force of 800 n is applied to a ...,
A brake system develops 350 psi o...,
A 05 cm diameter master cylinder ...
12  cards
B - Hydraulic Brake System (Drum and Disc)
Brake drums used on medium duty t...,
List three functions of the drum ...,
Brake shoe assemblies could be cl...
25  cards
C - Hydraulic Brake System Diagnosis and Service
List two alberta government acts ...,
True or false a vehicle on which ...,
Asbestos is a health hazard what ...
28  cards
D - Hydraulic Brake Booster System Fundamentals and Service
Name three categories of power as...,
Explain why vacuum type power bra...,
To determine if a vacuum booster ...
27  cards
E - Parking Brake System Fundamentals and Service
Explain the primary function of a...,
Name the brake system which the m...,
True or false the equalizer brack...
15  cards
F - Electric Brake Fundamentals and Service
In an electric brake wheel assemb...,
In an electric brake wheel assemb...,
What is the function of the elect...
10  cards
G - Hydraulic Fundamentals
The definition of a fluid is,
The major difference between liqu...,
State pascals law
15  cards
H - Hydraulic System Components: Reservoir, Filters, Hoses, and Coolers
List four functions of hydraulic oil,
The term viscosity refers to an oils,
List the results of using a hydra...
35  cards
I - Hydraulic System Components: Pumps, Valves, and Cylinders
A hydraulic pump with a displacem...,
True or false as pump outlet pres...,
Why is some internal leakage nece...
25  cards

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