higher business management (sy)

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U1- Role Of Business In Society
What is the main role of business,
Give 4 aims of business,
What are the 4 sectors of industry
15  cards
U1- Types Of Organisation
What are the two types of limited...,
Describe both a private limited c...,
What are the benefits of being a ...
18  cards
U1- Objectives
Why do organisations set objectives,
What are possible objectives of a...,
What are possible objectives of a...
15  cards
U1- External Factors
What are external factors,
What does pestec stand for,
How can political factors impact ...
34  cards
U1- Internal Factors
Name the 4 internal factors which...,
Why may finance cause conflict wi...,
How could a business get more money
6  cards
U1- Stakeholders
Name the 8 stakeholders covered i...,
What is the influence of the owne...,
What is the influence of managers
18  cards
U1- Structures
Describe a flag structure 3 things,
Give 3 advantages to a flat struc...,
Give 2 disadvantages to a flat st...
43  cards
U1- Decision Making
Describe a strategic decision,
Describe a tactical decision,
Describe an operational decision
20  cards
U2- Recruitment and Selection
What are the 2 documents used in ...,
What are 2 popular methods of sel...,
Why may an organisation chose to ...
28  cards
U2- Employee Relations
What is employee relations,
What is the impact of positive em...,
What is the impact of poor employ...
33  cards
U2- Traning And Development
What is the purpose of training,
What is staff development,
What does staff development consi...
22  cards
U2- Motivation And Leadership
Name the 3 theorists in this course,
What was herzberg famous for,
What is herzbergs theory
23  cards
U2- Legislation
What is legislation,
What is direct discrimination,
What is indirect discrimination
5  cards
U2- Sources Of Finance
Why would an organisation need to...,
Give 5 ways that a larger organis...,
Describe ordinary equity shares
24  cards
U2- Cash Budgeting
Describe the cash flow diagram,
What is liquidity,
What is a cash flow statement
8  cards
U2- Financial Statements
Name the 3 main financial stateme...,
Describe the income statement,
How do income statements differ f...
9  cards
U2- Ratios
What does the liquidity ratio con...,
Describe the current ratio,
Describe the acid test ratio
10  cards
U2- The Role Of Technology In Managing People And Finance
How can it be used in the managem...,
Why do businesses use technology ...,
How can it be used in the managem...
4  cards
U3- Customers
Name the 6 factors which affect h...,
What is demographics,
What does using demographics allo...
10  cards
U3- Market Research
What are the 2 categories of meth...,
Name 6 field methods,
Name 4 desk sources
40  cards
U3- Marketing Mix
What are the 7 p s in the marketi...,
How does product impact the marke...,
How does price impact the marketi...
15  cards
U3- Product
What is market saturation,
Give an example of a market that ...,
What is the boston matrix
10  cards
U3- Place
What are channels of distribution,
Name 6 things which the channel t...,
Describe direct selling
28  cards
U3- Promotion
What is above the line promotion,
Name the 5 factors which the type...
2  cards

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