higher chemistry

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Unit 1-Periodicity
What is meant by the covalent rad...,
Explain the trend in covalent rad...,
Explain the trends in covalent ra...
16  cards
Unit 1-Structure And Bonding
What name is given to bonding a i...,
Describe how a covalent bond is h...,
What are the two types of covalen...
20  cards
Unit 1-Oxidising And Reducing Agents
What does an oxidising agent do,
What does a reducing agent do,
Elements at the top right of the ...
10  cards
Unit 1-Glossary
1  cards
Unit 2-Esters, Fats And Oils
Describe how to identify an ester...,
What are the steps needed to name...,
Describe characteristics and uses...
12  cards
Unit 2-Proteins
Proteins are made of what buildin...,
Which 2 functional groups do amin...,
What is the link which holds
8  cards
Unit 2-Chemistry Of Cooking
When proteins are heated during c...,
Many common flavours from differe...,
Describe how to identify an aldeh...
11  cards
Unit 2-Oxidation Of Food
Describe how to identify an alcoh...,
What steps are needed in order to...,
What is the systematic name of th...
17  cards
Unit 2-Soaps, Detergents And Emulsions
How are soaps made,
What else is made in the followin...,
Describe the structure of a soap ...
10  cards
Unit 2-Fragrances
What are essential oils,
Is isoprene saturated or unsaturated,
What are the two procedures that ...
12  cards
Unit 2-Skin Care
What name is given to the radiati...,
What effects does uv have on the ...,
What effect does exposure to uv l...
14  cards
Unit 2-Glossary
Peptide link
26  cards
Unit 3-Getting The Most From Reactants
Give examples of factors influenc...,
Give examples of environmental fa...,
Why are balanced equations import...
12  cards
Unit 3-Equilibria
What does this symbol mean,
Why can equilibrium only be reach...,
At equilibrium
15  cards
Unit 3-Chemical Energy
Why is it important for chemists ...,
What is meant by an enthalpy change,
What equation is used to calculat...
16  cards
Unit 3-Chemical Analysis
What is chromatography used for,
What factors can affect how far a...,
What is a standard solution
8  cards
Unit 3-Controlling The Rate
Why is it important to be able to...,
How can average rate and re,
What is meant by collision theory
14  cards
Unit 3-Glossary
1  cards

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