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Atmosphere - Oceanic Circulation
Tell me about the patterns of oce...,
Tell me about the redistribution ...,
Patterns currents flow in ___ or ___
8  cards
Atmosphere - The Global Heat Budget
Over __ of insolation is ___ by _...,
Incoming solar radiation is,
When the earth s surface is heate...
11  cards
Atmosphere - ITCZ
In an itcz question you can be as...,
Which two air masses are you to f...,
Describe the origin and weather c...
5  cards
Biosphere - Podzol
The vegetation associated with po...,
The vegetation that grows on podz...,
Podzol humus is ___ and ___ due t...
11  cards
Biosphere - Gley
The vegetation associated with gl...,
The cold warm temperatures associ...,
Gley is found on ___ surfaces and...
6  cards
Biosphere - Brown Earth Soil
The vegetation associated with br...,
Brown earth soil has a ___ layer ...,
Lots of ___ ___ result in ___ hor...
6  cards
Climate Change - Physical and Human Causes
Name 4 physical causes of climate...,
Name the 4 human causes of climat...,
Tell me about sunspots
10  cards
Climate Change - Local and Global Effects and National and International Management Strategies
Name the local effects of climate...,
Name the global effects of climat...,
Local 1 4how is agriculture and f...
13  cards
Urban - Traffic Management Strategies in Edinburgh
Discuss the need for traffic mana...,
What are the four strategies for ...,
What changes have been made with ...
7  cards
Urban - Housing in Leith
What is the acronym for the solut...,
What does cocky penises get down ...,
1 9 cocky
11  cards
Population - Methods and Problems of Gathering Population Data
Name the two main methods of gath...,
What can you tell me about censuses,
Censuses are carried out every __...
8  cards
Population - Consequences of Population Structure
Name some consequences of populat...,
1 increased pressure on __ increa...,
2 ___ will happen forcing people ...
9  cards
Population - Migration
Describe the two types of migration,
Name some push factors you fragra...,
Name some pull factors please madame
7  cards
What is the mnemonic for map skills,
What does rubbish people hurt fil...,
What is the mnemonic for housing ...
8  cards
Development and Health - Malaria
Talk about the causes of malaria,
Talk about the impacts of malaria,
Describe how malaria is managed a...
3  cards
Development and Health - Indicators of Development and Differences in Development between Countries
Name some development indicators,
Describe differences in developme...
2  cards
Development and Health - Primary Healthcare
Name the four methods of primary ...,
Describe ort plz,
Describe vaccination programmes
5  cards

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