histology htl exam- boc study guide

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Chapter 1: Fixation
An example of an additive fixativ...,
When compared with tissue fixed i...,
Microscopic examination of an h e...
250  cards
Chapter 2: Processing
What is the most common dehydrati...,
During microtomy it is noted that...,
What is the appropriate temperatu...
175  cards
Chapter 3: Instrumentation
The ability of a microscope to se...,
Sections 90nm thick are commonly ...,
Tissues embedded in glycol methac...
100  cards
Chapter 4: Safety
What hazard classification would ...,
T f xylene is both toxic and flam...,
T f formaldehyde is considered a ...
50  cards
Chapter 5: Laboratory Mathematics and Solution Preparation
How many micrometers are in a cen...,
How many micrometers are in a meter,
How many pounds are in a kilogram
20  cards
Chapter 6: Nuclear and Cytoplasmic Staining
What type of tissue is harris hem...,
How do you ripen hematoxylin,
What is the active staining molec...
150  cards
Chapter 7: Carbohydrates
Glycogen is best used for the dem...,
What stain will demonstrate amyloid,
What does the schiff reaction dem...
50  cards
Chapter 8: Connective and Muscle Tissues
What color does muscle stain in b...,
What stain best demonstrates elas...,
What is the first step in most re...
50  cards
Chapter 9: Nerves
Nissl substance is present in wha...,
What kind of cells are neurons,
What is nissl substance composed of
50  cards
Chapter 10: Microorganisms
Acid fast stains may be negative ...,
With the fite stain what color do...,
After schiff reagent tissues are ...
100  cards
Chapter 11: Pigments, Minerals and Cytoplasmic Granules
In the prussian blue reaction for...,
A method recommended for demonstr...,
What is a stain that can be used ...
75  cards
Chapter 12: Immunohistochemistry
An antigen is a substance that tr...,
A light chain present in some ant...,
Different molecular sites on anti...
75  cards
Chapter 13: Enzyme Histochemistry
What are enzymes,
How does biological oxidation occur,
A compound is reduced when what i...
125  cards
Chapter 14: Cytoprepatory Techniques
What is the the microscopic exami...,
What is an example of a gynecolog...,
What nongyn specimen deteriorates...
75  cards
Chapter 15: Laboratory Informatics
What does lis stand for,
Where is the initial access point...,
What is a long sequence of lines ...
50  cards

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