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The Birth of the Weimar Republic
When was the treaty of brest lito...,
What was the luderndorff offensiv...,
What was considered the black day...
18  cards
Hyperinflation in Germany
What was the economic problems du...,
How many printing presses and fir...,
How did the government attempt to...
11  cards
Recovery under Gustav Stresemann in the Weimar Republic
Who was gustav stresemann what wa...,
What would be stresemann s first ...,
What results would stresemann end...
21  cards
The Treaty of Versailles
Who were the november criminals,
When was the treaty of versailles...,
When was the treaty of versailles...
13  cards
Uprising's against the Weimar Republic
When did the sparticists form a p...,
What was the underlying tension o...,
When did the sparticist revolt be...
25  cards
Culture + Women in Weimar
What was neue sachlichkeit,
What was art like in the weimar r...,
What was literature like in the w...
24  cards
Weimar Constitution and Politics 1918-29
When was the first election of th...,
National peoples party dnvp attit...,
German peoples party dvp attitude...
17  cards
Education in the Weimar Republic
What was the aim of post war educ...,
What was the compulsory grundschu...,
What party caused lots of disagre...
11  cards
Ethnic Minorities in the Weimar Republic
What did the treatment of ethnic ...,
What was article 113,
Despite article 113 what allowed ...
15  cards
Nazi Rise to Power - Other Governments
Who s government was in power fro...,
Who s government was in power fro...,
What would be the results of the ...
17  cards
Hitlers Consolidation of Power
Quote von papen on hitler being t...,
How would hitler sort the two oth...,
How does hitler win over the aris...
28  cards
The Holocaust and Antisemitism
What word sums up the antisemitis...,
What was an early sign of antisem...,
When were jews banned from the ci...
32  cards
Propaganda in the Third Reich
What was the purpose of propagand...,
Was film innovative in nazi germany,
What was the purpose of film
27  cards
Nazi Control and Terror
What key emergency decree was nev...,
What announcement did goebbels ma...,
What was the editors law
8  cards
The Nature of Nazi Government
What problems did the one party s...,
How many laws did the reichstag p...,
Why did hitler maintain much of t...
24  cards
The Nazi Economy
What were unemployment figures an...,
When was the first four year plan...,
How did nazi s manipulate unemplo...
30  cards
The Nazi Economy Pt 2
Were the nazi s successful in red...,
Were the nazi s successful in agr...,
How was worker welfare
14  cards
Opposition to the Nazis
Why were trade unions not particu...,
When were spd funds seized and wh...,
What were the red shock troop
35  cards
Women in Nazi Germany
What was the slogan nazi s adopte...,
Were men and women equal under th...,
What organisations did women have
24  cards
Nazi Foreign Policy
What was lebensraum,
How did the nazis feel about the ...,
How did the nazis feel about austria
37  cards
Nazi Foreign Policy (2)
Why did germany want czechoslovakia,
What did konrad henlein do in rel...,
How did britain and france react ...
41  cards
Post War Germany and De-Nazification
When did the germans surrender,
At what conferences did the allie...,
What were the 4 steps of unifying...
16  cards
The FRG Economy
What was the refugee crisis post war,
What were the main economic issue...,
What was the marshall plan and ho...
31  cards
Politics in the FRG
What was the first political part...,
When was the spd formed,
The centre party failed to form w...
24  cards
Politics in the FRG (2)
When did helmut schmidt spd becom...,
What did helmut schmidt receive c...,
When did helmut schmidt resign an...
13  cards
Women in the FRG
How did the number of women grow ...,
How did the divorce rate rise and...,
Did the frg have conservative vie...
13  cards
Opposition in the FRG
What allowed opposition in the frg,
During the 1950 s was opposition ...,
What party did oppose in the 1950...
17  cards

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