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formation of the Weimar Republic
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the Weimar constitution challenges and support
What was the weimar constitution ...,
What was a german influence on th...,
What is proportional representation
38  cards
the political parties of Germany (Weimar)
The dnvp german national people s...,
Dvp german s people s party,
Zentrumspartei centre party
7  cards
treaty of versailles and its opposition
When was the treaty of versailles...,
What was the reaction of scheidem...,
What was the outcome of the reich...
30  cards
left-wing opposition to Weimar
What were the left wing elements ...,
When did the uspd disband and wha...,
What was the kpd s aim
15  cards
right-wing opposition to Weimar
What were the main ideologies of ...,
What did the right wing have a ma...,
What issues did the right wing ha...
41  cards
attempts to control extremism in Weimar Germany
When did ebert sign the ebert gro...,
Who the ebert groner pact between,
What was the ebert groner pact
14  cards
the Weimar economic crisis and recovery (1918-29)
What economic crises did the gove...,
How was social welfare an issue f...,
How much of the population were r...
60  cards
living standards in Weimar
What problems did ww1 cause,
When was the reich pension law,
What did the reich pension law do
12  cards
Weimar foreign policy
What were stresemann s views on f...,
What party did stresemann form,
When did stresemann adopt a sympa...
28  cards
Weimar culture
How did the weimar constitution h...,
What was the culture in imperial ...,
With the weimar republic being li...
39  cards
women in Weimar
What was the german woman s role ...,
How many men were killed in ww1 a...,
When were women given the vote
25  cards
ethnic minorities in Weimar
What did article 133 of the weima...,
What was the jewish population in...,
What was the jewish population in...
15  cards
education in Weimar
What were most schools before ww1,
From what age did children work f...,
What compulsory schooling was set...
18  cards
Weimar and the Great Depression (1929-32)
When was the wall street crash,
What did us banks do in response ...,
How was trade affected by the wsc
32  cards
the collapse of the Weimar Republic
Who was chancellor of germany in ...,
What did the young plan outline,
Who disagreed with the young plan
80  cards
creation and consolidation of the Nazi dictatorship
Why was hitler s position as chan...,
Who were the other 2 nazis in his...,
Why would it be difficult for hit...
62  cards
nature of Nazi government
Why was the functioning of the st...,
Who wanted the nazification of th...,
Why did the nazis not make signif...
39  cards
control and terror (police state + army)
What was the major reason why rep...,
What were the methods by which re...,
When was the ss formed
76  cards
control and terror (propaganda)
Who was the minister of propaganda,
What did goebbels instruct all ge...,
Who were removed from positions o...
31  cards
pre-war Nazi economy
Why was hitler s response to the ...,
Who was the president of the reic...,
Who was the minister of economics...
61  cards
Nazi war economy
Which organisations were involved...,
Why was there more spending on th...,
Impact of having armed forces inv...
35  cards
religion under the Nazis
Was nazism anti clerical,
Which nazis were outrightly anti ...,
What was the german faith movement
21  cards
Nazi racial policy and treatment of untermenschen
Who were the untermenschen,
What groups were labelled unterme...,
What did nazi ideology aspire to do
74  cards
women under the Nazis
What was the slogan adopted by th...,
What was the main aim set for wom...,
What was the nsf
38  cards
Nazi reisistance and opposition
What happened to the communist mo...,
Examples of communist cells in na...,
What was rote kapelle
27  cards
support for the Nazi regime
How did the nazis use the media t...,
How did the nazis use the jews to...,
What showed the support of the wo...
28  cards
Nazi Right-wing opposition
Why was there a lot of right wing...,
What reassured the right wing in ...,
What was the last open defiance a...
21  cards
Nazi culture
What affect did gleichschaltung have,
What were the key themes of nazi ...,
When was the f
44  cards
living standards under the Nazis
For conformists did living standa...,
What was the main nazi trade union,
How many daf members by 1939
31  cards
Nazi Education and Youth
What school system did the nazis ...,
What did secondary schools emphas...,
What was a napolas school
33  cards
Nazi Government in wartime
What were changes made in nazi go...,
How was hitler s racial policy ca...,
What was done to defend the home ...
19  cards
introduction to interpretations
How could an interpretation hold ...,
How could an interpretation hold ...,
What were the causes of ww2
9  cards
influence of History on FP
What were the three strands of hi...,
What was pan germanism,
What was hitler s belief on racia...
19  cards
Hitler's ideology and planning
What showed that hitler wanted a ...,
Hitler s ideologies,
How did the need to overturn the ...
38  cards
Why was there anti polish resentm...,
Why was poland in a difficult pos...,
Why was poland s pact with france...
22  cards
FRG constitution v Weimar
When was the frg created,
What was the frg constitution called,
What did the basic law stress upo...
18  cards
the responsibility of other countries
How did intl politics incluence t...,
What was the most significant ide...,
What had the ussr set up to sprea...
41  cards
foreign policy timeline
When was the september programme,
What was the september programme,
What does the september programme...
61  cards
creation of the FRG
When was the potsdam conference,
What was discussed at the potsdam...,
When was the frg officially created
28  cards
What was the aim of de nazificati...,
When was the first nuremberg trial,
How many senior nazis were senten...
24  cards
Adenauer and Erhard
Who was konrad adenauer,
How did adenauer consolidate his ...,
When was adenauer foreign minister
37  cards
Grand Coalition, Brandt and Schmidt
What was kiesenger s foreign policy,
Why did kiesenger adopt ostpolitik,
When did the grand coalition coll...
21  cards
Kohl and reunification
Who replaced schmidt as chancello...,
What was the result of the 1983 e...,
Was there change during kohl s ti...
6  cards
political dissent
What allowed opposition to have a...,
Why was there less political diss...,
What were the bigger issues for t...
40  cards
What proportion of germans felt s...,
How many germans would be willing...,
What do these figures show
21  cards
popular support for democracy
Why was the concept of democracy ...,
What showed that there was suppor...,
During the frg voting never fell ...
10  cards
women in the FRG
How many more women than men were...,
What year saw a peak in divorce rate,
What year saw a peak in divorce rate
23  cards
education and generational conflict in the FRG
What educational policies were in...,
What educational policies were in...,
When did schools reopen in germany
18  cards
ethnic minorities in the FRG
How many refugees were in the frg...,
What provided a need for these re...,
Why were unions unhappy about the...
27  cards
economy in the FRG
Which german industries were bann...,
What german industries had their ...,
How were reparations to be paid
82  cards
living standards in the FRG
How much of germany s housing was...,
What did the government introduce...,
How many houses had a fridge by 1985
12  cards
FRG Foreign Policy
What were the main economic and p...,
Occupation statute 1949,
Impact of statute
28  cards
FRG Society
How much of the frg population ne...,
When was the equalisation of burd...,
Impact of the equalisation of bur...
18  cards

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