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Alexander II - Domestic policies and reforms
Why did serfdom prevent russia fr...,
When was the emancipation of the ...,
Which serfs did it affect
37  cards
Why is there not much information...,
How did emancipation of the serfs...,
What did redemption mean in terms...
22  cards
Food and Famine
What was the main crop in russia,
What did bad transport links mean,
What date was the famine under al...
19  cards
What were primary schools origina...,
What curriculum are primary schoo...,
What was education like under ale...
10  cards
Who were the populists and who we...,
Who were the populists influenced by,
What was the campaign going to th...
28  cards
Opposition from peasants
What impact did the emancipation ...,
What did the revolts of 1906 7 en...,
When was the factory inspectorate...
5  cards
Define national minorities,
Where the main minority groups from,
What countries made up with balti...
7  cards
Russo-Polish Relations
When was there a rise in polish n...,
Who was wielopolski,
What did wielopolski want for poland
29  cards
When was the start of russification,
What areas were seen as easily pl...,
What was the main difference with...
23  cards
Ideologies - Autocracy,Dictatorship, and Totalitarianism
How long was russia governed as a...,
Define autocracy,
What slogan did nicholas ii use t...
22  cards
Developments in Central Administration
How long did central government stay,
When did pressure for change begin,
What was bloody sunday
27  cards
Changes in local government
When was the zemstva introduced,
What was the 3rd element,
When were the zemstva and duma di...
6  cards

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history - russia

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