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Henry VII - Nobility
What were some of the problems wi...,
Was henry vii anti noble,
How did henry vii control the nob...
23  cards
Henry VII - Rebellions
What were the four rebellions tha...,
What happened during the lambert ...,
How did the lambert simnel conspi...
21  cards
Henry VII - Foreign Policy
Why was spain natural allies with...,
Why was spain a new superpower,
How was spain and the holy roman ...
23  cards
Henry VII: Government
What was the chamber used for,
How many members were in the roya...,
Define royal council
20  cards
The Great Matter
What was the great matter,
Why did henry viii want a divorce...,
Why did the pope say henry couldn...
10  cards
Edward VI
When was edward vi born,
When did edward die,
Who was edward seymour
24  cards
Mary I - Government
What happened to the household un...,
Who were the leading officials in...,
What was the household for mary
7  cards
Henry VIII - Rebellions
What were commissioners sent out ...,
Why did several counties refuse t...,
Why did henry make concessions by...
14  cards
Edward VI - Rebellions
When was the western rebellion,
Why did the western rebellion start,
Who was the western rebellion led by
8  cards
Elizabeth - Religion
Who were elizabeths three archbis...,
When was elizabeth s act of unifo...,
What did the act do uniformity an...
19  cards
Mary - Foreign Policy
What were mary s aims,
When did mary and philip get married,
When does charles v abdicate and ...
11  cards
Elizabeth - Foreign Policy
What were elizabeth s aims,
What was signed in 1559 that brou...,
What year do scottish lords remov...
51  cards
Henry VIII - Foreign Policy
When was the battle of flodden,
What was the auld alliance,
What happened at the battle of fl...
27  cards
Thomas Wolsey
When was wolsey appointed as henr...,
What happened to wolsey in 1509 w...,
What did wolseys job as almoner d...
32  cards
Wolsey's Fall From Power
What was the main reason for wols...,
Why did henry viii believe wolsey...,
Why was it hard for wolsey to ach...
8  cards
Problems Facing The Church
What were the problems facing the...,
What was anti clericalism,
What was anti papalism
18  cards
Break With Rome
What was the act in restraint of ...,
When was the act in restraint of ...,
What was the act in restraint of ...
13  cards
The Reformation
When was the ten articles,
What happened within the ten arti...,
What were cromwells first injunct...
21  cards
Opposition To The Reformation
Who were opposed to the reformati...,
Who was elizabeth barton,
What happened to elizabeth barton
13  cards
Thomas Cromwell
How did cromwell gain power,
How did cromwell get wales under ...,
What did cromwell do in response ...
12  cards
Henry VIII - Government
What did henry viii use the house...,
Who were often in the household u...,
What happened to the royal counci...
11  cards
Mary - Religion
When was the act of repeal,
What did the act of repeal do 4,
When did parliament repeal the ac...
10  cards
Elizabeth - Rebellions
When was the northern rebellion,
What were the causes of the north...,
What happened in the northern reb...
12  cards

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