home inspection

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What type burner is usually insta...,
Round or square supply ducts that...,
On low pressure boilers the prv i...
43  cards
Doors, Stairs, and Hallways
If the egress door does not swing...,
Can a doorway interrupt the stair...,
The width of the landing should n...
34  cards
Exterior Quiz
Correct nails and nailing practic...,
Wood shingles and shakes do not a...,
Joints in courses of wood siding ...
29  cards
Clay and slate shingles can deter...,
Alligatoring of a roof covering i...,
What roof slope can most asphalt ...
81  cards
National Home Inspector
Describes partial vapor pressure,
In order for soffit vents to oper...,
Home inspectors report receptacle...
44  cards
Service cable over public streets...,
If one of the the hot wires on th...,
Service cable s height over resid...
54  cards
Chimneys, Stoves, and Fireplaces
Footings for masonry chimneys mus...,
How far should the footing for a ...,
Footings for masonry fireplaces m...
139  cards
A decks live loading rating is wh...
1  cards
Which full height studs are naile...,
What are the short studs over win...,
The first horizontally placed lum...
65  cards
The bottom of the egress window o...,
The minimum opening area of the e...,
The minimum opening height of an ...
13  cards
Site Drainage
The grade near the foundation sho...,
Drains should be installed around...,
If the foundation is in an area w...
9  cards
National Exam
0  cards
Notches and Bores
An exterior or load bearing stud ...,
A non load bearing stud can be no...,
What is the maximum length and de...
26  cards

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home inspection

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