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Integumentary System
What is the cutaneous membrane,
What is cutaneous membrane compos...,
What is the underlying dermis
42  cards
Body Cells and Tissue
What are tissues,
Tissue is organized into,
34  cards
Tissues Quiz
Types of tissue epithelium,
Types of tissue connective,
Types of tissue nervous
10  cards
Integumentary System Pt. 2
People who produce a lot of melanin,
People who have less melanin,
What gives the skin a rosy glow
35  cards
Bone and Bone Tissue
What is cartilage tissue,
What does cartilage consist of wh...,
What is the perichondrium what do...
44  cards
Bone and Bone Tissue Pt. 2
What do bones have that is elaborate,
How are bones well nourished,
Do bone injuries heal quickly or ...
37  cards
Synovial Joints Quiz
What are synovial joints,
What are synovial bone ends separ...,
How do synovial joints move
38  cards
What do two bones form,
What is the exception of joints,
What does the functional classifi...
41  cards
The Skeletal System (Axial) Pt. 1
How many bones structure the axia...,
What does the axial skeleton form,
What bones are included in the ax...
43  cards
The Skeletal System (Axial) Pt. 2
How many vertebral bones exist in...,
What are the separate bones of th...,
How many of the 33 fetal vertebra...
56  cards
The Skeletal System (Appendicular) Pt. 1
What is another name for the coll...,
What describes the clavicle colla...,
What two things does the clavicle...
37  cards
The Skeletal System (Appendicular) Pt. 2
What is another name for the thig...,
What are characteristics of the f...,
What does the proximal end of the...
34  cards
Muscles (Pt. 1)
What are the three types of muscl...,
How do the muscle tissues differ 3,
What can describe all muscle cells
46  cards
Muscles (Pt. 2)
What is the platysma,
What does the platysma cover,
Where does the platysma originate...
26  cards
Muscles (Pt. 3)
How many groups of upper limb mus...,
What is the first group of upper ...,
What are the muscles that are par...
39  cards
Muscles (Pt. 4)
What is the tibialis anterior whe...,
Where does the tibialis anterior ...,
What does the tibialis anterior a...
19  cards
Endocrine (Pt. 1)
What do the endocrine and nervous...,
What do the endocrine and nervous...,
What is different in the regulati...
43  cards
Endocrine (Pt. 2)
As fsh follicles mature what do t...,
In males what does fsh stimulate ...,
What does luteinizing hormone tri...
39  cards
Semester 1 Final (Pt. 1)
Medial and lateral 2,
Anterior and posterior 2,
Proximal and distal 2
35  cards
Semester 1 Final (Pt. 2)
What is unique about the hyoid bone,
Difference between osteoarthritis...,
What is unique to rheumatoid arth...
29  cards
Blood and Lymphatic System (Pt. 1)
What is blood the river of,
What does blood travel where 2,
What is blood
45  cards
Blood and Lymphatic System (Pt. 2)
Under the microscope how do plate...,
What are platelets needed for,
What will blood flow smoothly past
42  cards
Cardiovascular System
The main function of the cardiova...,
What is the transport vehicle tha...,
The force to move the blood aroun...
33  cards
Pathway of Blood to the Heart
How much blood will the heart pus...,
How much will will the heart pump...,
How many times do the atrial cell...
38  cards
The Respiratory System (Pt. 1)
The cardiovascular and respirator...,
The transportation of respiratory...,
If either system fails body cells...
37  cards
The Respiratory System (Pt. 2)
The narrow superior portion of ea...,
What is the apex located deep to,
The base of the lungs which are t...
22  cards
The Nervous System (Pt. 1)
The master controlling and commun...,
Every __ __ and __ reflects the a...,
The signaling device or means of ...
37  cards
Accessory Digestive Organs
Three pairs of salivary glands em...,
Glands that lie interior to the ears,
The inflammation of the parotid g...
35  cards
Accessory Digestive Organs (Pt. 2)
Soft pink triangular gland,
Pancreas extends across the __ fr...,
The pancreas produces pancreatic ...
19  cards
Semester 2 Final (Pt. 1)
Which blood type can each of the ...,
Breaks up and floats in bloodstre...,
Doesn t break up remains a clot i...
67  cards

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