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Ch 1 Quiz
Anterior can also mean what what ...,
Posterior can also mean what what...,
Superior can also mean what what ...
45  cards
Integumentary System (Your Skin)
What does the integumentary syste...,
Subcutaneous layer,
Skin layers
121  cards
Skeletal System
What bone structure is the perios...,
Sharpeys aka perforating fibers
113  cards
Skeletal Muscle Tissue
What s excitability,
What s contractility,
What s extensibility what muscle ...
96  cards
Skeletal Muscle Tissue Part 2 (tension)
Muscle tension,
Isometric contractions isotonic c...
84  cards
Nervous System
What is the nervous system known ...,
Sensory function involves,
What is the integrative function
14  cards
Nervous Tissue
What are the 2 type of cells in n...,
Neuroglia location functions cons...
24  cards
Nerve Communication
How do nerves communicate,
What are the different types of c...,
What do the production of graded ...
78  cards
Brain quiz
Parietal lobe,
Frontal lobe,
Occipital lobe
25  cards
Biochem Terms
Function of an acid,
Example of an acid,
What are the 5 molecules of life
54  cards
Two forms of muscle cells based o...,
40  cards
Tissues continued (test)
Cells are organized into ______,
4 major types of tissues of the h...,
Epithelial covers _______ organs ...
123  cards
Joints (articulations)
Joints also known as,
What is true for every bone,
Functional classifications of joi...
45  cards
Neuroglia & glial cells
Neuroglia provide how many locate...,
What are the 4 types of neuroglia...,
Astrocytes functions description ...
12  cards
Nervous System material!
Nervous system is divided into wh...,
Peripheral nervous system aka as ...,
Autonomic division is further div...
42  cards
CNS: The Brain & Spinal Cord
Protection of cns is called what ...,
3 protective connective tissue la...,
Dura materdescription function co...
73  cards
The Brain (Part of CNS)
Brain contains neurons neuroglia ...,
4 parts of the brain are,
Brain functions 3
76  cards
Special Senses
Special senses include 5,
Sensation definition depends on ex,
Perceptiondefinition location
19  cards
Special Senses- The Eye
Vision sensory receptors in eyes ...,
Accessory structures of the eye 4,
Eyelidswhich muscles move functio...
9  cards
Eye Anatomy
Eye description how many layers w...,
Fibrous tunic composed of 2,
Cornea description what does it do
67  cards
Special Senses of The Ear
Functions of the ear 2,
Anatomy of the ear outer external...,
Auricle or pinnalocation function...
33  cards
Special Senses Review
Type of sensation depends on the ...,
The conscious awareness interpret...,
Example of a special sense recept...
39  cards
Endocrine Glands
Hypothalamusdescription synthesiz...,
Pituitary gland consists of what ...,
12  cards
Endocrine System Test
What does the endocrine system co...,
Characteristics of endocrine syst...
27  cards
Blood types
15  cards
Blood description blood cells loc...,
Blood characteristicscolor viscos...,
Functions 3
52  cards
Blood Study Guide
The formed elements of blood incl...,
The average hermatocrit percentag...,
The liquid portion of blood i cal...
31  cards
Cardiovascular System
How many times does the heart bea...,
Blood is pumped through how many ...,
How many liters of blood is pumpe...
54  cards
Blood Flow Through Heart & Coronary Circulation
Chamber walls 3,
Atrial wallsdescription function,
Left ventricle walldescription fu...
17  cards
Cardiac Conduction System & The Cardiac Cycle
Cardiac cyclewhat is it contracti...,
Autorythmic fibers def descriptio...,
Cardiac conduction systemmade up ...
30  cards
Circulatory System Review
The vessels carrying blood to fro...,
The vessels carrying blood to and...,
In the capillaries of the lungs t...
41  cards
Cardiovascular System Diseases/Disorders
Coronary artery diseaseaka caused...,
Strokewhat happens causes
16  cards
Blood Vessels & Blood Pressure (Cardiovascular Info)
Blood vessels functions 3,
Percent of blood carried by vesse...,
Type of vessels
32  cards
Respiratory System
Includes 2 what does each do,
Function of respiratory system,
Organs of respiratory system 10
37  cards
Respiratory System Spirometer Readings
Minute ventilation mv def measure...,
Forced expiratory volume fev def ...,
Inspiratory reserve volume irv def
12  cards
Respiratory System Review
In the nasal cavity air passes ov...,
The nasal cavity is separated fro...,
The nasal cavity and the oral cav...
43  cards
Respiratory System Gas Exchange
Gas exchange what are the types 2,
Gas exchange external internal re...,
External respirationdef btwn alve...
16  cards
Respiratory Structures & Details
Structure of an alveolus type 2 a...,
Structure of an alveolus alveolusdef,
Structure of an alveolus intersti...
31  cards
Digestive System
General characteristics of the di...,
Digestive system basic processes 6,
Peritoneum def parts 4
88  cards
Digestive System Review
2 main functions of the digestive...,
The mouth esophagus stomach large...,
Alimentary canal aka
44  cards
Digestive Disorders
List 6 digestive disorders,
Diverticulitisdef where does it o...,
Hepatitiswhat is it def is there ...
9  cards
The Urinary System (Excretory System)
Organs of the urinary system 4,
16  cards
The Kidney (Urinary System Section)
Kidney anatomylong thick wide oz ...,
Tissue coverings of the kidney ho...,
Renal capsuledescription function
57  cards
Urinary/ Kidney Disorders
Kidney stonesdescription symptoms...,
Goutdef description ex 2 symptoms...,
Nephritisdef symptoms 3 cause 4
8  cards
Urinary System Review
Functions of the urinary system,
What is the functional unit of th...,
The ____ kidney is lower than the...
32  cards

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