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Development of the concept of life
What are the 6 theories of the or...
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Parasitology exercise 2 phylum sa...,
Parasitology exercise 2 phylum sa...,
Parasitology exercise 2 phylum sa...
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22. Cell reproduction. Haploid-Diploid cycle. Aberrations in the normal run of mitosis and meiosis.
How do prokaryotes reproduce,
What are the definitions of mitos...,
Give a brief explanation of meiosis
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23. Sex and sexual traits. Determination and differentiation of the sex.
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24. Sex chromatin (Barr’s body) - nature and medical significance.
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25. Sexual reproduction. Gametogenesis. Fertilisation. Not typical forms of sexual reproduction. Sexual reproduction:
Sexual reproduction,
Oogenesis most occurs during feta...
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26. Embryonic period - stages. The “induction” theory of Spemann.
Week 1 3 7 days after fertilisati...,
Week 4 5 chemicals produced by th...,
Week 6 8 myogenesis and neurogene...
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27. Factors and mechanisms of morphogenesis. Genetic basis of embryogenesis.
Preformationism preformism the id...,
Epigenesis the denial of preforma...,
Factors of embryogenesis polarity...
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28. Postembryonic period - direct development and metamorphosis, raging and death.
Postembryonic period starts with ...,
Metamorphosis development involvi...,
Incomplete or partial metamorphos...
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29. Regeneration - definition, mechanisms, medical significance.
Regeneration the process by which...,
Somatic embryogenesis plant or em...,
Mechanism reverse cells undiffere...
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30. Explantation - definition, conditions, medical significance.
Definition to take cells living m...,
Growth factors nutrient medium wa...,
Start to grow and divide till the...
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31. Anabiosis, hypothermia and hibernation - nature and medical significance.
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32. Molecular base of heredity. DNA and RNA - structure and functions.
Structure of dna made up of 2 ant...,
Structure of rna same as dna exce...,
Functions of dna control and regu...
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33. DNA replication in prokaryotes and eukaryotes. DNA repairs.
This process is semi conservative...,
To begin dna replication dna heli...,
Single stranded dna proteins bind...
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34. Transcription - defintion and mechanism.
Definition process of transcribin...,
Types of rna mrna code for protei...,
Types of rna snrnas function in a...
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35. Translation - definition, stages, mechanism.
Definition the process of transfe...,
Translation proceeds in the follo...,
Elongation the second trna whose ...
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36. Genetic code - definition and characteristics.
Genetic code is the collection of...,
The successive codons determine t...,
There are 4 bases 4 3 64 codons w...
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37. Gene and regulation of the gene activity. Operon and its functions.
Gene is a part of the dna molecul...,
Control of gene expression in pro...,
Definition operon is a set of gen...
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38. Hereditary material. Chromosomes - composition, submicroscopic and microscopic structure.
Histones proteins with a high pro...,
Chromatin structures consists of ...,
Polythese chromosomes over sized ...
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39. Karyotype - definition and evolution. The human karyotype.
Karyotype karyotype refers to the...,
Karyotype of man karyotype respon...,
Flow cytometry karyotype in man b...
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40. Inheritance - basic of Mendelian genetics. Main types of inheritance. Multiple alleles and sex-linked traits.
Gene allele alternative form of t...,
Law of dominance law of segregati...,
Inheritance monogenic trait is de...
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41. Interactions between alleles and genes. and 42. Deviations from Mendel’s Laws - main causes.
Lethal allele s a lethal allele i...,
Types of lethal alleles many leth...,
Incomplete dominance intermediary...
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43. Heredity and environment - phenocopy, genocopy, incomplete (reduced) penetrance.
Phenocopy environmentally induced...,
Genocopy two different genotypes ...,
The development of an individual ...
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44. Genetic variation. Phenotype variations - modifications.
Genetic variation recombination i...,
Crossing over is the exchange of ...,
Random mating increases variation...
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45. Genotype alteration. Mutations - definition, different kinds.
Mutation change in the sequence o...,
Mutations can be 1 spontaneous or...,
1 substitution transversion purin...
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46. Gene (point) mutations - definition, kinds, mechanism, “molecular diseases”.
Point mutation only one nucleotid...,
Missense substitution of a nucleo...,
Frameshift deletion insertion of ...
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47. Chromosomal (structural) mutations - definition, different rearrangements, “chromosomal diseases”.
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47. Chromosomal (structural) mutations - definition, different rearrangements, “chromosomal diseases”.
Translation refers to an exchange...,
Genetic fusion of afrocentric chr...,
Reciprocal translocation chromoso...
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48. Genomic (numerical) mutations - definitions, types, human syndromes.
Numerical chromosomes abberations...,
Types of numerical chromosome abe...,
Aneuploidy presence of an abnorma...
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49. Immune system – lymphoid organs and cells involved. Innate and acquired immunity.
Lymphoid organs contain lymphocyt...,
Primary lymphoid organs aka centr...,
Thymus where t lymphocytes are fo...
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50. Immune response - diversity and memory. Primary and secondary response, cellular and humoral response.
Specificity able to distinguish a...,
Primary immune response refers to...,
Lines of defence1st line non spec...
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51. Antigens - definition, characteristics, different types
Antigen a foreign substance that ...,
Characteristic features of antige...,
Types t independant antigens acti...
4  cards
52. Human blood groups, alloantigens, the ABO/ H/ system.
Alloantigen an antigen that is pa...,
The abo system 4 main phenotypes ...,
Blood group antigens of rbcs anti...
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53. Rhesus system. The immune conflict “Mother-Fetus”.
Rhesus factor rh is an inherited ...,
The rh system contains 45 antigen...,
Erythroblastosis fetalis mother f...
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54. Antibodies - definition, structure, major class’s and functions.
Antibodies are glycoprotein molec...,
Structure heavy light chains disu...,
Antigen antibody reactions follow...
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55. Cells of the immune system. T and B cell populations, markers. Cell cooperation.

Immune cells are classified into ...,
T cell derivatives cytotoxic cell...,
Immune cells originate from a ste...
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56. Major Histocompatibility complex - H-2 and HLA system.
The major histocompatibility comp...,
B cells take part in the humoral ...,
The t cells protect the body from...
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57. Transplantation immunology. Relationship between donor and recipient. Host versus Graft (HvGR) and Graft versus Host reaction (GvHR).
Mhc molecules are used by cells o...,
Hvgr mechanism of rejecting is pe...,
Gvhr histoincompatible lymphoid c...
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58. The tolerance to foreign antigens. Immunosuppression - significance to medicine.
Immunosuppressive therapy is most...,
In bone marrow transplantations t...,
Immunosuppression reduces the eff...
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59. Anthropogenesis - human paleontological history.
Anthropogenesis scientific study ...,
Classification of humans phylum c...,
Most ancient primates lemurs semi...
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60. Biological and social nature of man. Human races.
Human races large group of people...,
System of signalling exchange of ...,
Genetic changes 15 20 million yea...
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61. Biology and genetics of populations. Phenotype, genotype and gene (allele) frequencies. Hardy-Weinberg Law. And 62. Hardy-Weinberg law. Factors affecting.
Allele frequency am measure of th...,
Genetic locus specific location o...,
Genetic diversity number of genet...
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