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What is the structure of the class,
What is a human right,
What is the strict and broad sens...
40  cards
Course 3
What is the balance that needs to...,
What can be done in cases of huma...,
What is the mechanism of state co...
28  cards
Course 4
What are the levels of the intern...,
What is the un,
What is the universal declaration...
24  cards
Course 5
What is the difference between th...,
What are the 3 relevant internati...,
What is the difference between th...
32  cards
Course 6
Where starts the 6 months delay,
How strict is the court wrt admis...,
What are interim measures
33  cards
Course 7
What is the european social charter,
What is the supervision mechanism...,
What was data protection treaty
42  cards
Course 8
What is the finality condition fo...,
What are the exceptions where the...,
What is the necessity condtion
46  cards
Course 9
What was the hatton case,
Was there a positive or negative ...,
What was the reasoning of the jud...
44  cards
Course 10
Are all human rights equal,
Which human right is the most imp...,
What is life
29  cards
Course 11
What does the right of life entail,
What is the effectiveness of the ...,
What is a requirement for the inv...
27  cards
Course 12
What is the barillo v italy case,
What is the result of the wide ma...,
What is the problem when
21  cards
Course 13
What is inhuman or degrading trea...,
Is there a difference between,
What is torture under art 3
31  cards
Course 14
To what extend under the european...,
Why exaclty do we have the freedo...,
What is the epistemological argument
15  cards
Course 15
How is the clash solved between a...,
Case of politician with her newborn,
What is political speech
27  cards
Course 16
What is art 6,
What are the cumulative condition...,
What is important for the autonom...
30  cards
Course 17
What is the impartiality of judges,
What is the objective approach of...,
What is structural impartiality
18  cards
Class 18
What is the right to property,
What does the right of property p...,
Are welfare benefits covered
19  cards
Course 19
What are the terms equality and n...,
What is equality,
What is discrimination
36  cards
Course 20
What are economic social and cult...,
What is the monitoring system of the,
What is the counterpart to
23  cards
Right to life art 2,
Prohibition of torture art 3,
Right to a fair trial art 6
8  cards

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