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Infant Anatomy & Physiology for Feeding
5 key elements of infant oral ass...,
Describe typical lip presentation,
Key role of buccal pads in feeding
20  cards
Normal Infant Behaviour
What is one of the most common re...,
List the six infant behavioural s...,
List some infant engagement cues
6  cards
Lactation Pharmacology
Why is drug transfer to milk enha...,
Drugs that act on which system ge...,
Main method by which drugs enter ...
27  cards
Breast Anatomy & Milk Production
Define montgomery tubercles,
Define alveoli,
Define lactocytes
18  cards
Biochemistry of Human Milk
Do breastfeeding infants need ext...,
The greatest source of calories i...,
Breastfed infants consume far mor...
23  cards
General Nutrition Recommendations for Lactation
Does a lactating individual requi...,
What nutrients might become deple...,
General recommendations for nutri...
11  cards
Complementary Child Nutrition
Main specifications of the who gl...,
When are infants at highest risk ...,
Particular attention and educatio...
8  cards
Transition to Parenthood, Breastfeeding & Employment
List the four stages of becoming ...,
List the 4 stages of parental rol...,
Three general patterns of parent ...
14  cards
Pregnancy, Labour & Birth Complications
3 serious maternal health complic...,
What is the acronym which describ...,
When can preeclampsia and eclamps...
13  cards
Facilitating Initiation of Lactation
What does the who recommend for s...,
How long will it take for a healt...,
Some examples of interventions th...
19  cards
Preterm Infant
List some positive effects of bre...,
Preterm human milk is higher in w...,
What is one of the best practices...
6  cards
Breastfeeding and Multiples
Most of the support for families ...,
Twins or hom are inherently highe...,
Sometimes parents of multiples wi...
3  cards
Growth from Birth through Weaning
Weight loss of _____ in the first...,
Breastfed newborn intake volumes ...,
Average daily intake breastfed at...
11  cards
Maternal Physical Health and Lactation
Common drugs for migraine are gen...,
Infection disease continue to bre...,
What is the recommendation if a p...
19  cards
Lactation and Mental Health
Exclusive breastfeeding is protec...,
What is the physiological process...,
Are antidepressant drugs compatib...
3  cards
Induced Lactation and Relactation
What is the most important factor...,
What is one particular time when ...,
List a few reasons parents may wi...
7  cards
Breast Pathology
List steps to general breast asse...,
How to treat nipple pain,
Other causes of persistent nipple...
15  cards
Newborn Challenges: Hyperbilirubinemia and Hypoglycemia
Why do newborns have a greater de...,
Define glycogenolysis,
Define gluconeogenesis
18  cards
Low Milk Production and Infant Weight
Major reason given worldwide give...,
Fully breastfed term infants lose...,
Weight loss _____ in the first 3 ...
20  cards
Breastfeeding and Infant birth Injury, Congenital Anomolies, and Illness
Why are postmature infants at ris...,
Birth trauma effects on breastfee...,
Can babies with hypoxic brain inj...
7  cards
Alternative Feeding Devices and Topical Treatments
First line of defense in preventi...,
What are nipple shields used for ...,
List some other reasons nipple sh...
9  cards
Professional Standards for Lactation Care Providers
8 principles of the code of profe...,
6 major duties for ibclcs listed ...,
What are the iblce clinical compe...
4  cards
Counseling and Communication
List types of nonverbal communica...,
Which decision making model used ...,
Auditory learners
6  cards

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