ibew.inside.2018-2019.orientation level 1

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Lesson 1: How to study this course and achieve your personal goals
Apprentices should not have the r...,
Which of the following items shou...,
Which of the following represents...
17  cards
Lesson 1: Reference Material
Reasonably good students should b...,
The most productive method of stu...,
Before reporting to your next cla...
7  cards
Lesson 2: The Attributes of and IBEW/NECA Apprenticeship
The initials ibew represent which...,
The initials neca represent which...,
During the process of selecting c...
16  cards
Lesson 3: Knowing your Apprenticeship and your responsibilities
A signed copy of one s apprentice...,
The will not approve a promotion ...,
Failure to meet apprenticeship ob...
10  cards
Lesson 4: The IBEW and its history
True or false the international b...,
In what year were the first teleg...,
An early generating plant was est...
22  cards
Lesson 5: NECA's Structure And Heritage
Was chosen as neca s first presid...,
The chief purpose of neca is to h...,
Neca has four regional offices in...
27  cards
Lesson 6: Your Job And The Future It Holds For You
The construction industry employs...,
True or false lowering the prime ...,
The of construction workers is on...
20  cards
Lesson 8: The Economics Of Employment
Select the personal traits that c...,
True or false customers do not re...,
Which personal trait cannot be ta...
20  cards
Lesson 7: Sexual Harassment
Sexual harassment at work occurs ...,
Determine the two basic types of ...,
True or falsea coworker who does ...
10  cards

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ibew.inside.2018-2019.orientation level 1

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