icas tc business acumen

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Decks in this class (16)

Module 1 The Entrepreneur
Characteristics of a successful e...,
Skills of a successful entrepreneur,
Benifits of becoming an entrepreneur
8  cards
Module 2 Innovation
Sources of new ideas,
Method of generating ideas,
Dimensions for innovation the fou...
22  cards
Module 3 Industry and Markets
What are the 7 p s,
Product services cyclical stages,
Barrier to entry
13  cards
Module 4 Operations and Distribution
Lean manufcaturing,
7 forms of wate,
Market positioning
18  cards
Module 5 Business Models
Assessing profitability of a busi...,
Types of business models,
14  cards
Module 6 Pricing
Cost plus pricing,
Psychology of pricing,
Three factors of the law of demand
26  cards
Module 7 Branding
Building a successful brand,
Brand persona,
Benifits of a green brand
6  cards
Module 8 Promotion
Promotion mix,
Formulating a stratgey,
Advatages of advertising
11  cards
Module 9 Intellectual Property and the Law
Ip categorises,
Automatic protection,
Application required for protection
20  cards
Module 10 Aspects of Law
A rules is considered law when,
Two main branches of law,
Uk wide laws apply how
16  cards
Module 11 Entering into Contracts
There are six elements of a valid...,
Offer plus acceptance
28  cards
Module 12 Employing People
Three types of workers,
27  cards
Module 13 Strategy and Analysis
Creation of a mission statement,
Swot analysis,
Pestec analysis
5  cards
Module 14 Cash Management and Forecasts
Objectives of cash management,
Cash inflows,
Cash outflows
3  cards
Module 15 Business Plans
Primary stakeholders,
Secondary stakeholders,
Mendelow s matrix
3  cards
Module 16 Business Structure
Key characteristic of a sole trader,
Advatages of a sole trader,
Disadvatages of a sole trader
43  cards

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icas tc business acumen

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