icas tc finance

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Module 1 Internal Finance Strategy
Finance definition,
Objective of financial management,
Three key finance functions
9  cards
Module 2 Sources of Finance
Two basic principles of financing,
Three froms or long term financing,
Why is ordinary share captial the...
21  cards
Module 3 Share and Loan Capital
Three types of debentures,
Single debenture,
Debentures issued in a series
24  cards
Module 5 Capital Investment Appraisal
Methods of investment appraisal,
Accounting rate of return,
Average annual profits aap
13  cards
Module 6 Working Capital Management
Economic order quantity,
Limitations to the eoq model,
Re order level
12  cards
Module 7 The Stock Exchange
4 reasons for joining a stock exc...,
4 disadvantages of joining a stoc...,
Main market premium listing
26  cards
Module 8 Stock Exchange Indicators
Earnings per share,
P e ratio,
Dividend cover
5  cards
Module 9 Ratio Analysis
4 ratio categories,
Gross margin,
Mark up
15  cards
Module 10 An Introduction to Valuations
Price of share,
Market value of redeemable prefer...
2  cards
Module 11 Capital Structure
Cost of equity,
Ex dividend price,
Ex dividend date
12  cards
Module 12 Finance Theory
Why is the level of dividend impo...,
No dividends,
Constant dividend growth policy
16  cards
Module 13 Macroeconomics and Government Policy
Four macroeconomic ojectives,
Aggreate demand and supply curves,
Gross domestic product
26  cards
Module 14 Financial Services Sector
Types of banks,
What is financial intermediation,
Bulding society
25  cards
Module 15 Corporate Insolvency
Absolute insolvency,
Practical insolvency,
Actions to correct practical inso...
18  cards

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icas tc finance

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