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913 regulation,
What section can i find vor equip...,
What is the max allowable toleran...
48  cards
IFR Emergencies
Sensory outputs,
Cones of the eyes,
Rods of the eyes
12  cards
What info does the vor give you,
How do you find out how far the v...,
If flying ifr off vor navigation ...
50  cards
Special Use Airspace
5 types of notam s,
How do i check for notams,
How often are chart supplements u...
6  cards
Flight Planning
How many centers are there in the us,
How long do you have to activate ...,
Who gives you ifr clearance if de...
19  cards
ATC Expectations / ATC Clearances
What should you do when given a v...,
At 1 000 before reaching instruct...,
Craft scratchpad for ifr clearanc...
33  cards
Chart Symbols
When the airport name and city ar...,
What do these symbols mean,
What does the symbol of a racetra...
15  cards
When is the pic required to be in...,
To act as pic w an instrument rat...,
What are basicmed requirements
58  cards
Departure, Arrival,Approach Procedures
What is star s and what is the pu...,
How do you know if the localizer ...,
What would you use unicom frequen...
87  cards
VHF Omni-Directional Range (VOR)
What is a vot,
How do you use the vot service,
What is a dme and how does it work
19  cards
Emergency Procedures/Lost Comms
What is the purpose of lost comms...,
What altitude should you fly if y...,
What route should you fly if you ...
5  cards
Low altitude victor airways are f...,
What is the da h,
The moca guarantees what for a pilot
7  cards
What is a dryline and why is it i...,
What meteorological conditions sh...,
What are factors necessary for a ...
23  cards
Departure/En Route/Arrival
What are the required reports for...,
How can your ifr clearance be obt...,
What does cleared as filed mean
36  cards
Flight Instruments
Which instruments have gyroscopes,
How are the gyroscopic flight ins...,
Describe how the attitude indicat...
19  cards
13  cards
IFR Acronyms
Illusions in flight,
What are the mandatory reporting ...,
Required ifr equpment
3  cards
What information does the ils pro...,
What means can be a substitude fo...,
What is a full scale deflection a...
30  cards

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