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1.1 Nature of Business Activity
What are needs give some examples,
What are wants give some examples,
Why does scarcity occur
17  cards
1.2 Classification of Business
Define primary sector name some e...,
Define secondary sector name some...,
Define tertiary sector name some ...
18  cards
1.3 Enterprise, Business Growth and Size
Define entrepreneur,
Explain the four characteristics ...,
What is a business plan
34  cards
1.4 Types of business organisation
Define a sole trader,
Define a partnership,
What is a private limited company
28  cards
2.1 Motivating Employees
What is motivation,
What are the benefits of motivati...,
How do we calculate labour produc...
48  cards
2.2 Organisation and Management
Define the organanisational struc...,
Illustrate an example of an organisa,
Illustrate an example of an organ...
38  cards
2.3 Recruitment, Selection and Training of Employees
What role does training play in a...,
What is internal recruitment,
What are the benefits of internal...
53  cards
2.4 Internal and External Communication
Why is effective communication ne...,
What do we need to ensure for eff...,
Why is effective communication ne...
34  cards
3.1 Marketing, competition and the customer
What is a market,
Give some examples of markets,
What do markets connect businesse...
45  cards
3.2 Market Research
What is the advantage of market r...,
What happens if a business does n...,
What is market orientation
32  cards
3.3 Marketing Mix
What is product development,
What is product development also ...,
What is product development close...
54  cards
3.4 Marketing Strategy
What is marketing strategy,
What does marketing strategy contain,
What is a crucial part of the mar...
10  cards
4.1 Production of goods and services
Define operations management,
What does a successful operations...,
Define production
34  cards
4.2 Costs, scale of production and break-even analysis
Define variable costsgive an example,
Define fixed costs,
Define total costs
33  cards
4.3 Achieving Quality Production
Define a quality product,
What does quality meeting custome...,
Explain quality standards
12  cards
4.4 Location Decisions
What are the main factors that af...,
Explain the impact of cost on cho...,
How laws influence the location o...
22  cards
5.1 Business finance: needs and sources
Define start up capital,
Define working capital,
Why do businesses need capital fo...
57  cards
5.2 Cash flow forecasting and Working Capital
Why is cash flow crucial,
What is cash,
What is cash inflow
30  cards
5.3 Income Statements
How is profit calculated,
When is profit made,
Explain the importance of profit ...
24  cards
5.4 Statement of financial position
Define assets,
Define liabilities,
Define current liabilities
22  cards
5.5 Analysis of accounts
What does profitability measure,
How do you calculate gross profit...,
How do you calculate profit margin
39  cards
6.1 Economic Issues
Define economy,
What contributes to the economy,
Define gross domestic product gdp
37  cards
6.2 Environmental and Ethical Issues
Does business activity impact the...,
How does business activity negati...,
Give an example of a business tha...
31  cards
6.3 Business and the International Economy
Define globalisation,
What are the opportunities of glo...,
What are the threats of globalisa...
28  cards
IGCSE Calculations Revision: Break-even Calculations
Define variable costs,
Define fixed costs,
How are total costs calculated
21  cards
IGCSE Calculations Revision: Profit and Gross Profit Calculations
Define cost of sales,
How do you calculate gross profit,
How do you increase gross profit
15  cards

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