igcse business studies

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1.1 Business activity
What are needs and wants,
What is scarcity,
What is opportunity cost
7  cards
1.2 Classification of businesses
What are the three sectors in whi...,
What is a mixed economy,
What is a private enterprise
5  cards
1.3 Enterprise, business growth and size
What are the characteristics of a...,
What is a business plan what does...,
Why does the government support b...
10  cards
1.4 Types of business organisation
What is a sole trader,
Name the advantages and disadvant...,
What is a partnership
18  cards
2.1 Motivating workers
Why do people work,
What is motivation,
What does taylors motivational th...
16  cards
1.5 Business objectives and stakeholder objectives
Why are business objectives impor...,
What are some possible business o...,
What are the objectives of social...
7  cards
2.2 Organisation and management
What is an organisational structure,
Line managers
26  cards
2.3 Recruitment, selection and training of workers
Describe the methods of recruitin...,
Internal recruitment,
External recruitment
20  cards
2.4 Internal and external communication
Why is communication important,
Why is effective communication im...,
Oral communication
13  cards
3.1 Marketing, competition and the customer
What are the roles of marketing,
Why do customer consumer spending...,
What is customer loyalty
13  cards
3.2 Market research
What are the uses of market resea...,
What is primary research,
Benefits limitations of primary r...
9  cards
3.3 Marketing mix
What are the costs of developing ...,
What are the benefits of new prod...,
What is brand image
37  cards
3.4 Marketing strategy
What are legal controls,
What are the purposes of legal co...,
What are the opportunities of ent...
10  cards
4.1 Production of goods and services
How to manage resources effective...,
How to calculate productivity
24  cards
4.2 Costs, scale of production and break-even analysis
Fixed costs,
Variable costs,
Total cost
18  cards
4.3 Achieving quality production
Why is quality important,
Quality control
11  cards
4.4 Location decisions
Factors relevant to the location ...,
Factors that a business could con...,
Role of legal controls on locatio...
3  cards
5.1 Business finance: needs and sources
Name the sources of short term fi...,
What are overdrafts,
Advantages disadvantages of overd...
44  cards
5.2 Cash flow forecasting and working capital
Why is cash important,
What is a cash flow forecast,
How to calculate net cash flow
8  cards
5.3 Income statements
What is profit,
What are profits used to,
Gross profit
24  cards
5.4 Balance sheets
0  cards
5.5 Analysis of accounts
0  cards
3.3.1 Product
What are the costs of developing ...,
What are the benefits of new prod...,
What is brand image
13  cards
3.3.2 Price
What are the different types of p...,
What is price skimming,
Advantages disadvantages of price...
13  cards
3.3.3 Place
What is a channel of distribution,
Name the advantages disadvantages...,
Name the advantages disadvantages...
5  cards
3.3.4 Promotion
What is promotion,
What are the purposes of promotion,
What are the methods of promotion
9  cards
3.3.5 Technology and the marketing mix
What are the opportunities of e c...,
Opportunities of e commerce to bu...,
Threats of e commerce to business...
3  cards

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