igcse edexcel english literature - of mice and men

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Key Quotations/Ideas - George
How is george s frustration towar...,
What is the relevance of george s...,
How is george relied upon by lennie
20  cards
Key Quotations/Ideas - Lennie
How is lennie described using his...,
How is lennie described as gentle...,
What is the significance of stein...
25  cards
Key Quotations/Ideas - Curley
What does the quote curley steppe...,
Give two quotes which show that c...,
How does curley show the attitude...
11  cards
Key Quotations/Ideas - Crooks
At the start of chapter 4 steinbe...,
Why does crooks have a california...,
What does crook s dictionary and ...
23  cards
Key Quotations/Ideas - Slim
What effect does the lack of back...,
Slims plot function,
What backstory are we told about ...
16  cards
Key Quotations/ideas - Curley's Wife
How is curleys wife described,
What are the 5 insults that are u...,
What does curley s wife say about...
16  cards
Key Quotations/Ideas - Carlson
Carlson s plot function,
A quote to describe carlson s app...,
Discourse function of carlson
8  cards
Key Quotations/ideas - Whit
How is whit described in the novel,
What the hells takin him so long,
Whit is shown to read a pulp maga...
7  cards
Key Quotations/ideas - Candy
Why is the quote the swamper warm...,
In what way is candy described to...,
What does the language used by ca...
22  cards
Useful Information
Why does steinbeck use colloquial...,
Why does steinbeck start with an ...,
Why is the paragraph describing w...
24  cards
Key Quotations/Ideas - The Boss
How do we know that the boss has ...,
How do we know that the boss is r...,
How do we know that the boss is s...
3  cards
Key Quotations/ideas - Minor Characters
How does aunt clara show george s...,
What are suzy and clara used to show,
How do suzy and clara s cat house...
10  cards

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igcse edexcel english literature - of mice and men

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