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Trunk and Pelvis
What is protraction and retraction,
What is the axial skeleton,
What is the appendicular skeleton
41  cards
Trunk and Pelvis 2
What is the purpose of the ischia...,
What structure forms from the isc...,
Where is the pubic crest located
52  cards
Introduction to Radiology
What is radiology,
What are the types of medical ima...,
What kind of radiation are x rays
46  cards
Muscle Control - Physiology
What kind of changes often use fe...,
What kind of muscle fibers are co...,
How long does calcium stay in the...
42  cards
Joints and Connective Tissues + Thigh, Leg and foot 1
What are the types of joints base...,
What are the contents of a typica...,
What parts of the bone does the a...
53  cards
Thigh Leg and Foot 2
Where does the sartorius muscle o...,
Where does the rectus femoris ori...,
What are the muscles of the quadr...
64  cards
Bone physiology and Calcium Metabolism
What is bone composed of,
How is bone different to other co...,
What are the functions of bone
66  cards
Metabolic Bone Disease
What kind of conditions arise fro...,
What part of the bone declines mo...,
What is osteoporosis
39  cards
Pre Lab: Shoulder and Arm 1
What are the 2 ends of the clavicle,
What is the conoid tubercle,
What is the subclavian groove and...
48  cards
Pre-Lab: Shoulder and Arm 2
What is the anterior rotator cuff...,
Where does the anterior rotator c...,
What muscles medially rotate the ...
31  cards
Fracture Healing, Osteonecrosis & Arthritis
What is a fracture defined as,
How is a bone frature classified,
What causes stress fractures
51  cards
Drug Treatment of Gout
What is gout,
What causes gout,
What joints are commonly affected...
52  cards
Forearm and hand
Where is the olecranon located,
What is located directly beneath ...,
What is the purpose of the radial...
71  cards
Pharm: Rheumatoid arthritis
What is the radiological manifest...,
What are the therapeutic goals in...,
What happens in rheumatoid arthritis
25  cards
Musculoskeletal Neoplasms and Metastatic Disease
What is the metaphysis,
What is the inside of bone and ou...,
What is lamellar bone and what is...
56  cards
Clinical Anatomy: Vertebral Column and Pelvis
What is the mechanostat theory about,
What is the effect of immobilizat...,
What causes loss of bone that occ...
20  cards
Clinical Anatomy: Vertebral Column and Pelvis 2
How are fractures healed,
What happens during the stage of ...,
What happens during granular mate...
30  cards
Pharmacology - Calcium and Bone Metabolism 1 & 2
What are the symptoms of hypercal...,
What causes hypercalcaemia,
What does pth do
47  cards
Micro/ID: Bone & Joint Infections (BC
What causes osteomyelitis,
What happens to the bone during o...,
How is osteomyelitis treated if i...
27  cards
Clinical Anatomy: Shoulder and Arm
Where are clavicle fractures most...,
How are clavicle fractures treated,
When is orthopaedic surgery indic...
36  cards
Clinical Anatomy: Shoulder and Arm 2
What is an avulsion fracture,
What happens if epiphyseal fractu...,
What causes a pulled or wrenched ...
26  cards
The Male Reproductive Tract
Where are the testes originally f...,
How are the testes guided into th...,
Why are people with undescended t...
46  cards
The Female Reproductive Tract
How is the ovary suspended near t...,
How are the fallopian tubes kept ...,
What does the broad ligament do
44  cards
Pelvis and Perineum
What are the margins of the pelvi...,
What are the parts of the linea t...,
What are the boundaries of the pe...
21  cards
Male and Female Reproductive Physiology: Control of Testicular and Ovarian Function
What cells are contained in the s...,
What cells are contained in the i...,
Do sertoli cells regenerate
44  cards
Male and Female Reproductive Physiology: Control of Testicular and Ovarian Function 2
What triggers the lh surge,
What does the lh surge do,
How does the lh surge trigger ovu...
8  cards
Embryology of the Urogenital System: Sexual Differentiation
What decides genetic sex,
How can xx males form,
What is the sry protein called
32  cards
Pathology of the Cervix
What is the cervix defined as,
What is the distal opening of the...,
What happens to the cervix after ...
68  cards
Urethritis, Vaginal Discharges, PID, Prostatitis, Inguinal and Scrotal Swellings
What organism causes gonorrhea,
What is the infectivity rate of g...,
What percentage of males and fema...
56  cards
Urethritis, Vaginal Discharges, PID, Prostatitis, Inguinal and Scrotal Swellings 2
What are the types of prostatitis,
What causes acute bacterial prost...,
Where does bacteria that cause pr...
27  cards
Normal Labour and Delivery
What is labour,
How is labour initiated,
What initiates the uterine contra...
29  cards
Human Lactation
What is the who and nh mrc recomm...,
How many ducts are there per lact...,
What makes up breasts
47  cards
Oestrogens, Progestogens, and Contraception
What happens in the hpo axis,
What are the 3 most important nat...,
What features do all endogenous o...
33  cards
What are the types of placentas s...,
What are the shape based classifi...,
What are human placentas classifi...
57  cards
Anatomy and Histology of the Breast
How are breasts different in non ...,
What do suspensory ligaments do,
What are the external components ...
31  cards
Maternal Physiological Changes During Pregnancy
When do changes start during preg...,
What are the changes in physiolog...,
What changes occur in the uterus ...
36  cards
Pathology of the Uterus
What are the 3 important phases o...,
What are the symptoms of endometr...,
What does dysfunctional uterine b...
62  cards
Pathology of the Ovary
What are paratubal cysts,
What is an adenomatoid tumour,
What kind of mutation or cancer a...
70  cards
Foetal Development and Growth (online lecture)
What is involved in intrauterine ...,
What determines size at birth,
How is foetal growth measured
21  cards
Maternal Infections in Pregnancy
Why is it important to know about...,
Which viruses have the propensity...,
How can likelihood of infection b...
45  cards
Pathology of the Testis, Epididymis and Penis
What is cryptorchidism,
How are ectopic and undescended t...,
What percentage of full term babi...
41  cards
Prostate Pathology
What are the prostate zones which...,
How many layers do normal glandul...,
What conditions most commonly aff...
21  cards
Physiology of Senescence
What is the difference between pr...,
Why is aging inescapable,
What is antagonistic pleiotropy
30  cards
Paediatrics: DOHAD
What are the 4 most common non co...,
What are the big 4 risk factors f...,
What percentage of deaths in unde...
21  cards
Benign Breast Diseases
How does the breast develop embry...,
What triggers development and dif...,
What is the terminal duct lobular...
70  cards
Malignant Breast Diseases
How common is breast cancer,
What is the 5 year survival of in...,
What are the risk factors for inv...
48  cards
Androgens and Anabolic Steroids
Where are endogenous androgens pr...,
What does testosterone do,
When does testosterone production...
27  cards
Drug Treatment in Pregnancy and Lactation
What are the associated risks wit...,
How are drugs categorized based o...,
Does a malformation in a foetus m...
26  cards

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