immigration for legal professionals

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Unauthorized Practice of Law
Who regulates unauthorized practi...,
What are non lawyers prohibited f...,
What does colorado define as the ...
8  cards
What must a lawyer promptly commu...,
How well must a lawyer communicat...,
What is the standard of represent...
15  cards
What is the best way to communica...,
What should you do if you make a ...,
How should you address clients
10  cards
Government Organization and Agencies
What immigration agency does the ...,
What immigration agencies does dh...,
What is uscis responsible for
12  cards
Alphabet Soup (Abbreviations)
37  cards
Immigration 101
What status must someone have to ...,
Who are immediate relatives,
What are the two pathways for gai...
19  cards
Passport Photos
What elements must a passport hav...,
Where can clients have passport p...,
What should be written on the bac...
6  cards
II. General US Immigration Law
What is d s,
Child definition for immigration ina,
Types of children recognized for ...
13  cards
III. Sr Para / New Atty: USCIS and DOS Best Practices and Procedure
Elements of an acceptable copy scan,
What do you check to see how long...,
Where do you find what documents ...
24  cards
III. Sr Para / New Atty: U-Visa Procedure
When must uscis receive an i 918b,
What must be included in a u affi...,
Where do you request a u visa cer...
9  cards
III. Sr Para / New Atty: U-Visa Law
What grounds of inadmissibility a...,
When can a u apply for residence,
Who qualifies for a u visa
10  cards
III. Sr Para / New Atty: Adjustment of Status
What are the basic requirements o...,
What are the requirements for 245 i,
What civil documents must be subm...
15  cards
III. Sr Para / New Atty: VAWA
What are the elements of vawa i 360,
What is the filing deadline for a...,
When can you file an i 485 for a ...
10  cards
III. Sr Para / New Atty: Naturalization
What are the naturalization requi...,
When can a naturalization applica...,
When do naturalization applicants...
12  cards
III. Sr Para / New Atty: I-130 Family Based Immigration
What are the family preference ca...,
Who is an immediate relative ir,
What are the benefits of being an ir
10  cards
III. Sr Para / New Atty: Inadmissibility & Waivers
Define unlawful presence,
How do you trigger the 10 year bar,
How do you trigger the 3 year bar
20  cards
II. RIG Best Practice and Procedure
What is the best dmv office,
How do you respond if a client wa...,
What sources should you use when ...
19  cards
III. Sr Para / New Atty: Border Encounters
Is voluntary departure an order o...,
Who qualifies for expedited removal,
What is expedited removal
9  cards
III. Sr Para / New Atty: Deportability
Who qualifies for a 237 a 1 h waiver,
What does the 237 a 1 h waiver wave,
What are the elements of a cimt t...
11  cards
III. Sr Para / New Atty: Visa Processing
Who qualifies for adjustment of s...,
What are some bars to adjustment ...,
What are some negatives of consul...
11  cards
III. Sr Para / New Atty: EAD
What category of ead do asylees a...,
What category of ead do u visa pr...,
What category of ead do pending a...
12  cards

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