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Core Principles
What are the two major roles of t...,
When facing invasion by infection...,
What is by far the most important...
112  cards
Pathogens And Immunity
What are the major routes of infe...,
What body system is the main entr...,
What is vertical transmission whe...
71  cards
Innate Immunity
What are the four major roles of ...,
What are normal mechanical barrie...,
What are the chemical barriers en...
68  cards
Anatomy Of The Immune System
What is the difference between a ...,
What is the most common leukocyte...,
For normal blood cell counts list...
93  cards
Immunoglobulins And T-cell Receptors
What type of receptors are locate...,
What do receptors on b and t cell...,
What can ig or ab bind to
66  cards
Generation Of Receptor Diversity In The Immune System
What do bcr bind to what do tcr b...,
When a b cell recognizes and anti...,
How do bcr and tcr differ in stru...
36  cards
The Meaning Of Self: HLA System And Antigen Presentation
Studies of what led to the discov...,
How are mhc antigens hla presente...,
What is the name of the human mhc...
66  cards
HLA Immunogenetics: Strength In Numbers
On what chromosome are the hla mh...,
What does it mean that hla is pol...,
Where is the gene encoding the hl...
52  cards
The Life of a T Cell- Forming and Educating
What is the first step of t cell ...,
What does the ab tcr need to asso...,
Cd4 participates in tcr interacti...
57  cards
The Life of a T Cell- Mobilizing the Troops
What cell is the most populous in...,
How many different peptides can a...,
What are the 3 secondary lymphoid...
51  cards
The Life of a T Cell- Responding to an Infection
What is the major function of 1 c...,
What dictates the type of cytokin...,
What cytokine is chronically rele...
66  cards
The Life of a B-Cell: Building the Army
What is the general structure of ...,
What features lend to the specifi...,
What are the four factors that le...
49  cards
The Life of a B-Cell: Surveillance and Warfare
What is the chance of a b cell se...,
What is a b cell that has not see...,
What is the path of the b cell wh...
81  cards
The Humoral Immune Response
What stage of antigen independent...,
What stage of antigen independent...,
What antigen dependent events occ...
50  cards
In what two situations would you ...,
Papain digestion of the ig result...,
What is an isotype
58  cards
Immune Regulation
Why is il 2 such a crucial cytokine,
What are the three crucial surfac...,
By what order of magnitude to t c...
34  cards
Immune Response to Infection
What is in mucus that protects th...,
What three tracts of the body hav...,
How does structure correlate with...
79  cards
Immunity and Vaccination
What are the two broad categories...,
What is an immunogen,
What are the two subdivisions of ...
69  cards
Quantitative Assays of Immunity
What type of forces hold ag and a...,
What is an ionic force,
What three aa side chains form hy...
70  cards
What does heating serum do to com...,
Complement is a series of how man...,
What branch of the immune system ...
105  cards
Tumor Immunology
Tumor immunology is based on the ...,
What is immune surveillance,
What are the three stages of immu...
60  cards
Hematologic Malignancies and Stem Cell Transplantation
Where do hscs reside signals prom...,
When a hsc divides what two cells...,
What 3 cell types does common lym...
84  cards
Primary Immunodeficiency Disorders
What is the difference between an...,
What is a situation where we inte...,
What is the difference between a ...
96  cards
Type I-IV Hypersensitivity Reactions
What is the requirement for all f...,
When discussing hypersensitivity ...,
What do each of the four hypersen...
57  cards
What two key features lead to aut...,
What is the difference between au...,
What are the 5 major symptoms of ...
46  cards

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