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Langerhans cell structure and loc...,
Birbeck granule,
Langerhans cell function
35  cards
Hypothalamus and pituitary
Hypothalamusdirect interaction in...,
Hypothalamusindirect interaction ...,
43  cards
Thyroid and Parathyroid
Thyroidlocation and structure,
Thyroid development,
Thyroid capsule
22  cards
Adrenal Glands
Adrenal glands aka suprarenal gla...,
Adrenal glandsdevelopment,
Fetal adrenal
21  cards
Cartilage and Bone
Functions of cartilage,
Types of cartilage
41  cards
Bone Formation and Joints
Bone formation,
Intramembranous ossificationgeneral,
Intramembranous ossificationprocess
36  cards
Leukocytecell distribution,
Causes of leukocytosis
87  cards
Fetal hematopoiesismesoblastic phase,
Fetal hematopoiesishepatic spleni...
42  cards
Cardiovascular System
Tunica intima,
Tunica media,
Tunica adventitia
39  cards
Lymphoid Organs
Diffuse lymphoid tissue,
Isolated lymphoid nodules,
Aggregated lymphatic nodules
48  cards
Respiratory System
Conductingvsrespiratory zone,
Nasal cavitystructure,
Olfactory epithelium
25  cards
Oral Cavity and GI Track
Parts of the oral cavity,
Oral cavitylining,
56  cards
Liver, Gallbladder, Pancreas
Livergross anatomy,
Classic liver lobule,
Portal triad
32  cards
Urinary System
Kidney functions,
Kidneygross structure,
Medullary pyramids
35  cards
Testis and Male Reproductive Tract
Functions of the testes,
52  cards
Female Reproductive
Reproductive period,
Ovarian functions,
Ovarian attachments
84  cards

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