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Decks in this class (15)

Informatics 1- Health Informatics
Health informatics,
As medical knowledge grows specia...,
Garbage information in
58  cards
Informatics 2- Data Information and Knowledge
39  cards
Informatics 3a- Networking
Local area network lan
39  cards
Informatics 3b- Hardware and Software
Information literacy,
Information hardware,
Information system
44  cards
Informatics- Image Identification
16  cards
Informatics 4- Electronic Health Records
2 parts of cpu,
Electronic health record definitions
31  cards
Informatics 5- Architectures of Information Systems
Internet and world wide web,
Http vs htts
43  cards
Informatics 5- Mobile Technology and Health
Introduction technology,
Evolution of mobile technology,
Personal digital assistants pdas
11  cards
Health Information Privacy and Security
Health information privacy and se...,
American recovery and reinvestmen...,
What image do we use in health care
28  cards
Health Information Exchange
Health information exchange,
Mu meaningful use,
Clinical results
36  cards
Informatics 8: Quality Improvement
Quality reviews,
Quality improvement theory,
Quality improvement bridging the ...
47  cards
Informatics 9: Consumer Health Informatics
Consumer health informatics learn...,
Chi interrelationships,
Alexa or google home
15  cards
Informatics 9: Health Informatics Ethics
Nuremberg code,
World medical associations wma de...,
Informatics ethics
15  cards
Informatics 10: Telemedicine
E health,
16  cards
Informatics 10: Patient Safety-Related Definitions
Adverse events
33  cards

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