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What are the indications for an egd,
What is a potential severe compli...,
What is the first test usually pe...
181  cards
Infectious Disease
In which 3 settings would you tre...,
What is the standard treatment fo...,
Otitis externa is usually due to ...
183  cards
What are the advantages of mdct,
What conditions are diagnosed by ...,
In which diseases do you see a re...
183  cards
Which lab findings suggest that h...,
What are the causes of bun cr rat...,
What is the definition of oliguri...
108  cards
On a lateral view cxr extension o...,
On a lateral view cxr extension o...,
What conditions is a tee useful f...
214  cards
Which 2 ana subtypes are specific...,
Anti u1 rnp is a very sensitive i...,
Which rheumatologic disease is as...
98  cards
What is meant by positive and neg...,
What are the definitions of prima...,
What are the hormones of the ante...
88  cards
General Internal Medicine
Define first order kinetics,
How many half lives does it take ...,
What does tmp smx do to the inr i...
153  cards
List some extrinsic survival defe...,
Is reticulocytosis increased or d...,
When are howell jolly bodies seen
92  cards
Hypercalcemia occurs most commonl...,
How do you initially manage acute...,
What are the most common causes o...
42  cards
Allergy and Immunology
Which part of the immune system i...,
Which part of the immune system i...,
What is mhc restriction
53  cards
What is the significance of doll ...,
Which pupil finding can be seen w...,
What is the presentation of locke...
133  cards
Which bacteria most commonly infe...,
What is the clinical presentation...,
What is the clinical presentation...
46  cards

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