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chapter 1
What is trade,
What is international trade,
Why does international trade occur
61  cards
exchange rates
What is the foreign currency exch...,
What is a direct quote,
What is an indirect quote
14  cards
international monetary system
What is libor,
What are eurocurrencies,
What are the two purposes that eu...
73  cards
International Parity Conditions in Equilibrium
What is the law of one price,
When prices are in dif currencies...,
What is the absolute theory of pu...
14  cards
foreign exchange rate determination
What is equilbrium,
What is the foreign exchange market,
What is foreign currency interven...
18  cards
chapter 2
What is the political reason,
What is political economy,
What are the two dimensions of po...
62  cards
chapter 4
What is cross cultural literacy,
What did edward burnett taylor sa...,
What is culture
24  cards
chapter 4
What is the most widely practiced...,
What do sociologist argue about t...,
Who was max weber
43  cards
chapter 5
What are business ethos,
What is ethical strategy,
Where are ethical issues rooted in
72  cards
chapter 14
Three conditions for superior ent...,
What is organizational arhcietcure,
What is organizational structure ...
71  cards
chapter 15
What are strategic alliances,
The attractiveness of a country a...,
Once attractive markets have been...
58  cards
chapter 16
What is exporting facilitated by,
How do smaller firms find exporting,
What are the promises of exporting
73  cards
chapter 17
What are the two value creation a...,
What is production,
What is supply chain management
88  cards
chapter 19
What is human resource management,
Human resources is responsible fo...,
What is hrm professionals role
65  cards
chapter 13
What is a firms strategy,
To maximize the value of a firm m...,
What is profitability
60  cards

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