international criminal law

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History and Features of ICL
What are the three concepts of icl,
What is the purpose of transnatio...,
What three ways can icl be define...
29  cards
Sources of Int Criminal Law
Where can sources of pil be found,
What is icl a combination of,
What are the main criminal law pr...
34  cards
How can genocide be distinguished...,
Where is genocide defined in icc ...,
Who first termed coin of genocide
31  cards
Crimes Against Humanity
What article in icc statute ident...,
How does crimes against humanity ...,
How do crimes against humanity di...
24  cards
War Crimes
Where can war crimes be found in ...,
What s the main purpose of war cr...,
Where do war crimes come from
20  cards
Crime of Aggression
Where is crime of aggression foun...,
Where was crime of aggression ori...,
What three ways was icc divided d...
25  cards
General Principles of Liability
Which article of icc statute deal...,
What do the general principles of...,
Why do general principles of liab...
40  cards
Command Responsibility (Modes of Responsibility)
Where can command responsibility ...,
What is command responsibility,
When did command responsibility f...
22  cards
Grounds for Excluding Criminal Responsibility
What does art 31 of icc statute s...,
What are the grounds for excludin...,
What does the mental defect require
14  cards
ICC and the Criminal Process
What are the role of victims in t...,
What are the role of victims in c...,
What is difference between retrib...
30  cards
National Prosecutions
What is necessary for national pr...,
Which treaties require state part...,
How can states implement internat...
19  cards
What is jurisprudence,
What is the main difficulty with ...,
What are the three forms of juris...
24  cards

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international criminal law

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