international law and human rights

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Lecture 1: International Law and the Study of Politics
Definition international law,
4 things that law can be understo...,
Traditionally il is said to have ...
17  cards
Lecture 2: International law and international relations theory
How did the us and others avoid f...,
What does the example of bin lade...,
What is the point of moyn s sayin...
22  cards
Lecture 3: History of the development of international law (I)
Grewes epochs,
Legal history tends to be these 2...,
Has the non western world shaped ...
28  cards
Lecture 4: History of the development of international law (II)
What 2 rules did il serve for col...,
Il s universalization is inextric...,
What 7 other entities exited unde...
32  cards
Lecture 5: Sources of international law
Ex aequo et bono,
What is generally considered an a...,
The rules relating to treaties ar...
26  cards
Lecture 6: Subjects of international law
What are subjects of il,
Two types of international legal ...,
Objective legal personality erga ...
22  cards
Lecture 7: International Courts
Where does most international leg...,
8 ways of solving disputes accord...,
Where is the permanent court of a...
30  cards
Lecture 8: International law on the use of force
Definition jus ad bellum,
Definition jus in bello,
If jus ad bellum has not been fol...
29  cards
Lecture 9: International humanitarian law
Breaches of international humanit...,
Definition ihl,
Ihl is a mix of
31  cards
Lecture 10: International human rights law
Where do human rights come from n...,
The natural law approach to human...,
The main distinction of human rig...
25  cards
Lecture 11: International criminal law
The commission of an internationa...,
Actus reus,
Mens rea
18  cards

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international law and human rights

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