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DevOps - Terraform Question
Q1 what are terraform state files,
What difference between terraform...,
How can you assign variable to te...
14  cards
Github Actions
What are custom action in github ...,
How to you create environment in ...,
What are workflow in github
4  cards
Azure DevOps
What is variable group in azure d...,
What the different between stages...,
What is branch policies and appro...
7  cards
Serverless DevOps
Give six characteristic of server...,
Name few service in aws which are...,
What are advantage of serverless
14  cards
Kubernetes DevOps
How do you automate kubernetes de...,
How do you secure kubernetes app ...,
How do you cost performance optim...
33  cards
AWS Cloud architect / Solution Architect
How can you make your application...,
How did you do dr disaster recove...,
What is pilot standup in dr disas...
8  cards
AWS Devops Consultant Interview Question
What is your view of devops of pr...,
How does good cicd pipeline looks...,
What is difference between observ...
13  cards
Hardware Networking
What is mpls line,
What is sd wan,
What the difference between sd wa...
8  cards
SRE Interview Questions
What is slo,
What is error budget,
What is the difference between si...
11  cards
Azure architect questions
How do you load balance web traff...,
How would you design network arch...,
What kind of service we can use t...
12  cards
Team Lead Behaviors Questions
How do you spend your time on cod...,
How do you manage delegating the ...,
Tell me about a time you designed...
4  cards
Staff Engineer Interview
What are focus area of the staff ...,
What is your special point,
What is your strong background
12  cards
Engineering Manager Interview
How do you help with project mana...,
How do you do people development
15  cards
DevSecOps Interview Question
What tool do you use for sast,
What is sast tools,
What are sca tools
9  cards
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Interview Question
Can you explain the difference be...,
What is google cloud pub sub and ...,
What is google cloud dataflow and...
14  cards
Oracle Cloud Infratructure (OCI) DevOps
What is a virtual cloud network v...,
What is a compartment in oci,
What is the aws equivalent of a c...
4  cards

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