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Chapter 1 Foundations
What is considered the gold stand...,
What modality uses fluoro to anal...,
Which of the following is the 4th...
22  cards
Chapter 2
The ability of a healthcare worke...,
What combines friendless cooperat...,
Which of the following best descr...
19  cards
Chapter 4 Professional Environment
Which of the following does not p...,
Which leadership style tends to d...,
Which of the following would assi...
29  cards
Chapter 3 Historical and Current Applications
The scientific study of sound,
A form of energy that is produced...,
Who identified the pebble theory
40  cards
Chapter 5 Ergonomics and prevention
Which of the following can presen...,
Which of the following is not a n...,
What is the tinel sign used to di...
14  cards
Chapter 6 Ethics
Which of the following is not a p...,
To do no harm refers to,
Do good refers to
12  cards
Chapter 7 Legal Essentials and Patient Rights
What are the two basic types of laws,
What is the oldest form of law,
This type of law includes statues...
38  cards
Chapter 8 Knobology
What imaging mode displays the re...,
What doppler technique does not d...,
What control enhances the resolut...
25  cards
Chapter 9 Fundamentals of communication for songraphers
Kinesics refers to,
Which of the following would not ...,
Which of the following would be a...
15  cards
Chapter 10 Fundamental Patient Care
Normal body temp is,
What valve is located between the...,
The result of blood that is pushe...
13  cards
Chapter 11 Medical Emergencies
What type of shock results from t...,
Which of the following would be m...,
Which of the following is not a s...
13  cards
Chapter 12 Infection Control
What is the name for a person who...,
What is the second link in the cy...,
Hiv in transmitted via
22  cards
Chapter 13 Invasive Procedures and Surgical Asepsis
The device used to hold the needl...,
What zone in the operating room r...,
What does not need to remain ster...
5  cards

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