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introductory turned certified sommelier - matt & ryan

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Decks in this class (28)

Viticulture (R)
What are the factors of production,
Define viticulture,
What characterizes the location g...
41  cards
Vinification (R)
What is vinification,
List the factors of vinification,
List the factors of pre fermentation
39  cards
Vinification (Matt)
What are the vinification factors x8,
What are the pre fermentation fac...,
What is the fermentation formula
24  cards
Deductive Tasting (R)
Why should you use the deductive ...,
What are the five criteria of the...,
How do you evaluate the sight of ...
62  cards
Food & Wine Pairing (R)
What is umami,
What are the four basic principle...,
When pairing food and wine what s...
19  cards
French Wine Law (R)
What does aoc stand for,
When was the aoc system created,
Who created the aoc system
29  cards
Burgundy (R)
What characterizes burgundys hist...,
What are the historical beginning...,
What caused burgundys complex lan...
107  cards
Bordeaux (R)
Main wine style in saint emilion,
Bordeaux primary climate moderators,
Which rivers divide bordeaux
96  cards
Champagne (R)
Champagne location,
Champagne climate,
Champagne is one of the _________...
74  cards
Loire Valley (R)
Where does the loire river start ...,
True or false the loire river is ...,
How long is the loire river
60  cards
Alsace (R)
What is important about the bottl...,
Alsace red grape varieties,
What grapes can be used for vt an...
39  cards
Rhone Valley
Condrieu wine styles and grape va...,
Southern rhone summers are ______...,
In contrast to the northern rhone...
49  cards
Is lambrusco frizzante or spumante,
How many wine regions are in italy,
Italian label terminology metodo ...
169  cards
Where is pfalz located,
Rheingau grape varieties,
Why are slate and basalt prized a...
82  cards
Austria what are the four main wi...,
What percentage of plantings are ...,
Where is the danube river located
31  cards
Ribera del duero topogaphy,
Rueda climate,
What characterizes the geography ...
70  cards
Name the 5 regions of portugal,
Portugal is home to some of the _...,
What changes have the wine region...
30  cards
North America
In general where are sparkling wi...,
Where is washington located,
Who is associated with the wine i...
107  cards
South America
Name the 5 major regions in chile,
Where did viticulture in chile an...,
Why was the wine industry in chil...
66  cards
South Africa
When and why did wine production ...,
When and how did apartheid impact...,
Where does south africa rank in w...
30  cards
When and where were the first vin...,
When and where was commercial vit...,
As in most new world winegrowing ...
106  cards
New Zealand
0  cards
Fortified Wines and Sweet Wines
0  cards
0  cards
0  cards
0  cards
0  cards
Service and Hospitality
0  cards

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