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Vini,Viti, Grape
Where the first wines produced,
Where did viti vinfera originate ...,
Who was the egyptian deity whom t...
72  cards
Wine Grape Varieties
What is the term used for grapes ...,
What is the number of internation...,
Origin germany and alsace france ...
29  cards
Food And Wine Pairing
What is the rule of thumb for mar...,
What is the best way to match the...,
What is mirroring and how does it...
20  cards
Wine Tasting And Sensory Analysis
True or false the reason one gene...,
True or false it is always best t...,
True or false it is always best t...
52  cards
France - Bordeaux
Where is bordeaux located,
What are the two major areas of m...,
Wines labeled appellation medoc c...
186  cards
France - Rhone Valley & South France
Where was the appellation d origi...,
What is the major body of water t...,
What are two major areas of the r...
242  cards
France - Loire Valley
What is the climate type of the l...,
What are the top grape varietals ...,
What is the top red grape varietal
191  cards
New Zealand
The southern most vineyards in th...,
How is new zealand divided,
What wine out the country of new ...
83  cards
France - Champagne
Can you call a sparkling wine cha...,
Yeast temperature stops at what temp,
What is the method of champagne u...
210  cards
France - Burgundy
What is the main red grape variet...,
What is the main white grape vari...,
What are producers called or refe...
313  cards
Spain is ranked where in the worl...,
True or false france has more vin...,
Denominaciones de origen do is th...
58  cards
Spain - North Central Spain
The ebro river runs through what ...,
The dominate red grape in rioja is,
What is the name of the french ro...
72  cards
Spain - Green Spain
What is the climate of the green ...,
What primary wine types do they m...,
Rias baixas ribeiro valdeorras ri...
67  cards
Spain - Castilla y Leon
What is the largest autonomia in ...,
What is the climate of castilla y...,
The duero river run through the w...
56  cards
Spain - Catalonia
This region is named after priota...,
This region is the only other doc...,
What are the main red grape varie...
62  cards
Fortified Wines
How many methods of fortification...,
What is vins de liqueur,
Ratafia champagne pineau des char...
77  cards
Spain - Other Regions
What is the most famous winery fr...,
Who makes the famous spanish wine...,
What is the primary grape of ribe...
11  cards
South America - Chile
This country is the 10th largest ...,
Main white grape of chile,
Main red grape of chile
23  cards
South America - Chile and Argentina
This country is the 5th largest w...,
What is the climate of argentina,
Main white grape of argentina
124  cards
South America
Where is mauipo valley,
What unique grape provides salta ...,
What is the most planted grape in...
36  cards
What is the climate of australia,
What is the main white grape of a...,
What is the main red grape of aus...
117  cards
America - United States, Canada, Mexico
This country is the 4th largest p...,
What state in the united states p...,
What is the name of the grape the...
216  cards
United States - Washington
What state in the united states i...,
Most of the wine regions in washi...,
What climate effects makes wine g...
12  cards
United States - Pacific Northwest - Oregon
What major physical features sets...,
What is the major ava of oregon,
What is the main grape of william...
8  cards
What is the primary white grape o...,
What is the primary red grape of ...,
What is edelfaule
239  cards
Germany - Mosel
What is the originals name of the...,
What is the soil type of the mosel,
What is the primary white grape o...
16  cards
Europe - Austria (Österreich)
What is the main water source in ...,
Did austria get effected by ameri...,
What was the anti freeze scandal
109  cards
Österreich - Niederösterreich
What does niederosterreich mean,
What is the largest wine growing ...,
What is the climate of niederoste...
21  cards
South Africa
Who established the first vines i...,
When were the first vines planted...,
What is the name of the wine esta...
91  cards
South Africa - Coastal Region
Stellenbosch cape peninsula tyger...,
What is the most prominent winema...,
This area in south africa is know...
8  cards
What is the name of the system in...,
What system is the doc based off of,
What is the denominazione di orig...
36  cards
Italy - Northern Italy (Piedmonte, Lombardy, Emilia - Romagna, Trentino - Alto Adige, Veneto, Friuli - Venezia Giulia)
This region in italy is called th...,
What mountains surround piedmont,
What river cuts through the heart...
366  cards
Italy - Emilia - Romagna
What is the popular frizzante win...,
What are the two central province...,
Grasparossa di castelvetro di sor...
9  cards
Italy - Trentino - Alto Adige
What are the two provinces of tre...,
What language do they speak in tr...,
What language do they speak in al...
8  cards
Italy - Veneto
What is the main city in veneto,
Veneto friuli venezia giulia tren...,
What region produces more wine th...
31  cards
Italy - Friuli - Venezia Giulia
What country borders friuli,
What is the main white grapes of ...,
Two main docg for white wine
9  cards
Italy - Central and Southern Italy - (Toscana, Umbria, Marches, Abruzzo, Latium, Molise, Campania, Apulia, Basilicata, Calabria, Sicily, Sardinia)
Where were the first doc and docg...,
What region in italy produces aro...,
Climate of tuscany
158  cards
Italy - Marche
What body of water is to the east...,
What is the mountain range to the...,
Verdicchio di matelica riserva do...
17  cards
Italy - Campania
What major city sets in campania,
What body of water is to the west...,
What famous volcano is in campania
13  cards
Italy - Sicily
What is the major physical featur...,
What is the climate of sicily,
What is the most famous wine that...
12  cards
Italy - Sardinia
What is the main red grape of sar...,
Cannonau is also known as what grape,
Vermentino di gallura docg this i...
3  cards
Spain - Southern Spain
Domingo de valdepusa finca elez g...,
What was the first pago do,
What type of wine to they make in...
34  cards
Italy - DOCG Laws
When was law 930 passed,
How long does a doc have to wait ...,
Brunello di montalcino vino nobil...
20  cards
Denominacao de origen controlada ...,
This classification in portugal h...,
This classification in portugal i...
237  cards
Cocktails, Spirits and Beers
Bronx cocktail,
French 75
297  cards
France - Alsace , Jora and Savoie
What is the northern most city in...,
What is southern most city in alsace,
What mountain range makes up the ...
205  cards
Testable Grape Tasting notes
Gamay gamay noir a jus blanc,
Cabernet sauvignon bordeaux grave...,
Visual dark ruby to purple color ...
39  cards
Europe - Switzerland
What three countries have a great...,
Is there a lot of wines from swit...,
What is dole
33  cards
Certified FYI Information
What style of wine does domaine w...,
What style of wine does siduri make,
What style of wine does marco fel...
249  cards
Famous Wines from Around the World
Le pin,
Bricco rocche
2  cards

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